Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pinky's Garden

On Monday I was at my friend, Pinky's, for a surprise luncheon. I didn't have a clue, so it was a true surprise! I happened to have my camera in my purse, so I had to take a few pictures of her luscious flowers and foliage. Her place is abounding in flowers of every kind. They hang just about anyplace she has a place to hang them. is an example of Oregon's abundance!

front courtyard
courtyard entrance and front porch
corner of the deck
looking on the lawn and garden from the other end of the deck

Thanks for stopping by!


Ruthie said...

Beutiful flowers and foliage. You must have more rain there to grow those flowers in such abundance.
Thanks for sharing.

Ruthie said...

You can definately do the Thursday Three any time. She started that because so many were doing the Thursday Thirteen - and that is so much to think about - the Thursday Three is easier to post. You can pick up the TT button and enter also.
Thanks for stopping by. I always enjoy your visits. Yes, I love blue and have it all over the house. Blue is so soothing and I love all the blue things.

sister sheri said...

Der Sis - Did she have an cala lilies? Mine just refuse to bloom! I love gardens!

Laura said...

I hope your birthday was wonderful! Those are such gorgeous flowers. How I miss the greenery here in the desert!