Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Busy Week

I'm going to break it down for you.

Met Molly and her Mom at Wilsonville, which is half-way between our houses.
Molly came home with me. We stopped at Target and because Molly had earned some money from me for Bible memory work and grades.
She picked out a pink digital camera...and began taking pictures!
Bought some pink loafers at Target.
Had lunch at Macaroni Grill--I had never been there and it was quite good.
Came home and made some cards together.
Here is her birthday card she designed and made for her Daddy. I'm including her message because it is so sweet!

We went to a pottery place near me and she painted a darling mug for her Dad, that said "I l0ve you, Dad" That took over two hours.
A stop at the beauty parlor was next. Molly got her hair cut and it looks adorable. I had mine done and then we were out of there.
Came home worked on cards,
Went to Old Navy and bought her a couple pair of shorts.
Ate dinner at Old Chicago.

Her Mom and I exchanged kids and Elliot came home with me.

We stopped at Kohl's on the best sale day of the year, I think!
Bought him three pair of summer pants, and about 6 tee shirts. The sales were too good to pass up, plus I got my senior 15% discount.

Laid low, went to the library, had an early dinner out, and came home to TV time for him, and playing on the Play Station.

He was invited to go canoeing with my pastor and his son, Jim. (our cousins) That was a fun day for Elliot.

Ready to roll.

Afterward we went to my friend Laurie's, and he played with her three cute boys. They have a paradise for boys both inside their home and outside.

We watch two episodes of the Waltons each night Elliot is here .

On Friday I measure him and he is 5' 4.25" and he was quite excited about his growth. I suggested we take a picture of cousin Jim and himself. (the 5' 4.25" didn't seem quite so tall)

Again invited with our church youth group to an island in the Columbia where they had a motor boat and a lovely large sailboat for the kids. He had a wonderful day and was more than "sun-kissed" when I picked him up.

They got home later than intended, so we stopped at a near by restaurant and he "snorfed" a steak dinner down. He cheeks and nose were nice and red!

Got up early and I drove him to his own church. I stayed for the service as
one of my favorite preachers was preaching!
Jon is taking the month of July and is doing the book of Philippians.
It was a good sermon from one of my most favorite books.
My heart thrilled as I listened to my dear boy give out
the Word, clearly and concisely.

I was blessed beyond measure that day on July 10, 1965 when that baby boy was born!

Thanks you, my dear Jonathan, for listening
to the call of God upon your heart.
May God continue to lead, bless, and guide you
as you labor at Countryside Christian,
but even more so
in raising up these two precious children
He has entrusted to you and Leah
to bring to Christian maturity.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time and writing your thoughts. You do such a great job with it. I shared it with Pastor Jerry this morning and he was very impressed.

It was good to see you and it was a tremendous help to have Elliot brought all the way down. Thank you.

Jose said...

Sounds as thought you had a fun week, bet you were tierd at the end of it, I guess the young people keep you on your toes. It sounds as though your schools have broken for the summer, they dont finish here in England until 22nd July and then return 2nd September.
Will drop in here again next week if I may
Warmest wishes

Amy said...

Thanks for the update on your week. Sounds like a busy and fun one!!

I gave you an award at my blog. Go see and pick it up :)

I too love watching the Waltons. We have a DVD set.
:) AMY

Margie said...

Hello Joan,
So good to check in ans read your blog every so often! I love the week you had woth your grandchildren. There is nothing like it!!!! Grandchildren are the best! I loved hearing aobut your whole week! Molly's card for her dad is absolutly wonderful! What a sweet girl!

Margie :-)

Amy said...

Wow! That sounds like so much fun. I'm sure it was a joyful week for you! It was great to see a grown up picture of Jonathan too!

The Dairy Wife said...

You were a busy woman! Somedays I meet myself coming and going and think I should take a little more time to smell the roses.

Have a great day Joan!


Anonymous said...

Hi Joan,

Sounds one busy week but a wonderful one! It was great how you put it all together. I am blessed by your writings!

Blessings, Patty

Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

I'm so glad I found your blog tonight!!!!! Another sister in Christ!!!!! And my favorite Book is also Philippians. Isn't it great that our joy is found in Christ and who he is and NOT in people, or circumstances, or things, etc. Come on over for a visit, and I'll be back to see you, too!


Wendi said...

Hi Joan you certainly have been busy but what a wonderful week it sounded, I think we have to make the most of grand children wanting to spend time with us as they grow so quickly and they are so precious,I love reading about your week I am glad you found my blog thankyou have a lovely day

Anonymous said...

YOUR APPRECIATION FOR the Life you have been given, and that you have lived is, I think one of the gifts of growing up/old.

WE HAVE BEEN BLESSED! I'm caught up on your latest blogs now. The Farm pictues were so Americana... The flags all over--proud Swiss immigrants--the Berneys--proud to be Americans. So they make these hard-working, honest, good god-fearing people anymore? Well thet should!! They were Jewels in the Crown of the Republic..