Friday, February 1, 2008

how can a simple phone call bring such joy?

Upon returning from my errands this afternoon, I heard my answering machine chirping away. As I punched the correct button, here comes one of the dearest voices in all the world to me.

"Hi Gramma, This is Elliot. I have something to tell you which I think you should know call me back please."

My first thought was questioning what he would have to tell me that he needed to call me about it.

I called him back and he answered. Now you have to know when he hears my voice I always get a wonderful response. "Hi gramma" with such enthusiasm and expression that it never fails to warm my heart.

His big news was that he is getting off the 11 and 12th from school and he thought a four day week end would thrill me because he could come for all four days!!

I'm thankful that he still wants to come to gram's at age 14!!

Elliot was put into my arms when he was about 10 minutes old and I whispered into his ear that we would be special friends always.....and we are.

He is full of energy, very articulate, gobs of ideas. and has his dad's charm when he wants to use it. He is not a totally restful child to have, but we always have a good time because he has such a great personality. He is tender hearted and of course he has my heart. He still plunks himself on my lap at times, still loves to be read aloud to at bedtime, enjoys our morning Bible readings, and loves my cooking--no matter what!!

Just a simple thing in a day, but so heart warming for me. Each grandchild is different and very special!

Molly and Elliot aboard the Dawn Princess, Nov. 2007

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