Sunday, July 27, 2008

Another beautiful garden--Jo's

My friend Jo, lives in a wooded area, where all has been left natural and there are no lawns. Jo has worked at her grounds for years, each year being better than the year before! Last year she had some rockary work put in for beds.....and this year she is reaping the fruit of her labors!

The captions under the pictures are hers. Enjoy!!

My new rock wall flower beds this first summer after it was built.

Close up of some of the flowers I planted in my "digable dirt"!!
It is such a blessing to have some dirt I can dig in!

The other side is my new vegetable garden. I have eaten three
tiny cherry tomatoes already and yesterday I made six loaves of zucchini bread
from these two zucchini plants!!

Sadly my "Red Bud" tree is half dead. It was sooo beautiful
last summer! Not sure what can be done about the tree yet.

My first flower arrangement I made from flowers in my new garden
Summer of 2008

Jo and I have been close friends for over thirty years. She has always had a green thumb. When I first knew her she raised roses--beautiful, show quality, long stemmed roses, then she moved to the shade, so had to change her interests!


Wendi said...

I love reading about your week Joan,I could not believe you were 76 when I read all the things you do I would of said you were in your 50's, may I wish you very happy belated birthday wishes
the gardens of your friends are beautiful and yes your boys are very handsome, I look forward to seeing what your up to next week you are amazing
Wendi xx

Mary Isabella said...

This is so beautiful......Mary

Wendi said...

Joan they are our own creations my daughter and I design craft cd's
I have sent you an email

scrappy jen d said...

Dearest Joan,

I was away for a couple of day's and now I am reading that you had your BIRTHDAY!
What a wonderful AGE!!
I hope I will be that YOUNG in mind and HEART as you when I may reach that age!
I do admire your way of life and all the things you DO!!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY (a little late, but it comes right out of my heart, sweety!).


Kristy said...

I too missed your birthday!
Happy, blessed, late birthday!!!!!!
These garden pictures are WONDERFUL!
Thanks for sharing :o)
Blessings ~