Saturday, February 16, 2008

A three day week-end means a visit from Molly.

Its been a "crafty" week-end so far. Molly and I went to a store for a book making project. If I can get the pictures on I will share with you what Molly's looks like. This afternoon we came home to Gram's craft room and made quite an exciting card with lots of folding. We might even share that with you.....if I can get it downloaded.

Well, I did it. Here is the "dahlia fold" card that we worked on this afternoon. It is made from 8 circles from double sided paper, and each circle is folded multiple times. The card isn't totally in the picture...but I got it on the blog!! I am so thankful to figure that out!!

Hang on---I think there are a few more to come!!  Here are Molly and this morning's book.

Molly has opened to the first page....

and continues to open.....
and continues to open (on the front side of the book)
She's opened some of the "nooks and crannys" that are part of the book.  I t will hold 20 to 25 pictures depending how one chooses to scrapbook it.

Pardon the background, but the work table is just in front of the closet full of my stamping sets, hence the busyness behind her!!

She choose some pictures from my Walgreen's  site where I have stored a lot of pictures in "albums".  We ordered them by computer about 2 hours ago and have already had an email from Walgreens that the pictures are ready to pick up!!  What a day and age we live in--choose 30 pictures, hit a button, they go by wire and come out pictures at the other end, and are printed within an hour!!  Too much for this old brain to comprehend.

So we are off to the drugstore to pick up our pictures for the next project which will be filling the book she made this morning and is showing all of you in the above pictures!!

I love my computer!!  Oh! by the way... my new one came on Thursday and I hooked it all up myself!!  (I've come a long way since I bought my first computer in 1990 and had one of my third grade student come over to help me  get started!)

Molly has one more project she wants to start and that is an album for brother Elliot. 
She's an ambitious little girlie!!  I love having her because we like a lot of the same things. 

Thanks for bearing with me as I practice these new skills of putting pictures on the machine!

I love, love, love having grandchildren!  I so often think of the verse "an  old man's  (or woman's)  delight is in his/her  children's children"

Until later.........