Friday, July 18, 2008

July birthday celebrations coming up!!

We're celebrating the July birthdays on Sunday at my sister's home. My "boys" are getting older. They are the three "P's", two Policemen and a Preacher!

Jonathan, my son is 43
Matthew, my nephew is 44
Christopher, my nephew is 45

What does that make me? I'll tell you next week.
I'm also celebrating with them tomorrow!

But seriously, aren't they all good looking fellows?
They will forever be "boys" to me. In fact, I have been known to call the
nephews, "Chrissy or Mattie", which are leftover names
from childhood!
Certainly not befitting two tough policemen!!

Happy Birthday, sweet boys--each so special--each so loved!


Mary Isabella said...

Hope they all have great Birthdays....Mary

Scossie Jane said...

My goodness - where has the time gone - I have been on your site for over an hour!!

Your blog is wonderful, from the heart. You seem to me like a truly beautiful person Gram.

Thank you for sharing your stories with us, especially your beloved Mum, I lost my Mum when she was only 49, she only knew her grandchildren, my daughter and son, for the first four years of their lives, they don't remember her.

Take care, God Bless xx

Joanne said...

Ok, I have to agree with you...your boys are darling. I can just feel the love and pride you have for them. You are so very blessed.

Blessings! Joanne

scrappy jen d said...

Dear Joan,

Good looking fellows, indeed, but.....Their eyes....
Whwn I look into their eyes...I see lucky men!
Pretty inside! That is what I also see. Just like you : WE ARE BLESSED!
And yes...They alway's stay our boy's.
I hope you all have wonderful celebrations and a lot of fun!