Friday, September 12, 2008

Jonathan, Part 3

1 I will praise you, O LORD, with all my heart;
I will tell of all your wonders.
2 I will be glad and rejoice in you;
I will sing praise to your name, O Most High.
Psalm 9:1,2

As I continue with Jon's story, the verse above so speaks to me. To understand why I am writing Jonathan's story, you should probably read Jonathan, Part 1 and Jonathan, part 2. It just gives a little more continuity to the story, and the reason I chose to share it.

The high school years were upon us in the blink of an eye, it seems. They were such busy, fun-filled years and passed all too quickly!! He continued with his music, was in sports, was very social, and it was a wonderful time for me also. I remember the sadness in his senior year when they played their last basketball game. I felt like my social life was over. I went to every game, made friends with many of the parents, participated in the after game fun at a local pizza parlor...and now it was over. We did have fun during those years!

He begins his freshman year at Portland Christian High School where he would remain all four years. It was a wonderful choice for him. He met and made friends immediately and his violin opened all kinds of doors.
By sophomore years he was developing an interest in the ladies and had a couple of school dates. He was in his second year of basketball, seriously taking his violin lessons now from the concert master of the Portland Symphony, and was a busy, busy young man, with a mother who was equally busy driving him to all of his commitments!!
Junior year came and so did the driving permit!! Of all my kids, he was the only one I taught to drive. It was just too nerve wracking, so others taught the girls! He decided to play football, much to my dismay. Contact sports were supposed to be out for him because of his Rheumatoid Arthritis, but he did it and aside from being knocked out one game, he survived....and so did I!! His junior year was to be the last time he ever had a flare-up of his arthritis, for which I was so thankful....and he came through the eight years of the disease, with no crippling to any of his joints!! A wonderful answer to prayer!
The summer before his senior year, Jon traveled to Europe with the Continentals Orchestra which was a Christian ministry orchestra. That was a wonderful experience for him. By senior year, he was driving on his own, used my car just about any time I wasn't using it, and enjoyed a full, action packed year. He was studying conducting under Norman Lehman, who was the assistant symphony conductor of the Portland Symphony. In looking back, the year was just packed!
Basket ball shot at the state play offs. Jon was an average player, but his coach told the team that he kept him on all four years because he was such an "encourager". What a nice compliment!
The mighty football player. I held my breath all of that fall!
.....and the crowning event of his whole high school experience, Fiddler on the Roof!! What a great performance that was. Jonathan was the Fiddler, and he also played Moto the Tailor.
During his senior year, he was part of a young man's singing ensemble which was a talented bunch of ten boys. Their music was marvelous.

The summer after graduation he again traveled with the Continentals across the USA and to Europe. They had an afternoon concert in East Berlin and I think that was the experience of his young life--crossing "check point Charlie", leaving their passports there, being searched, etc. He said they kissed the tarmac when they flew into New York later that week.

And so high school ended with plans to attend Mount Hood Community College in the fall with a "free ride" with his violin.


scrappy jen d said...

Dear Joan,
What a wonderful story!
I did read all the other parts too and I am impressed by all the talent Jonathan has!
You must be very proud!
A big hug, Jen

sister sheri said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. Jonathan sounds like quite a talent!

mueppi said...

Your fotos and story are great!!
It remembers me, because I have fotos like yours!!
When I was a child, I live in Utica/NY by my aunt and uncle!
I get homesickness and go back to germany!
Perhaps next year I go for some weeks to my cousin in Cleveland!!
Hugs Gisela from germany

Amy said...

Super story by a super story teller about a super young man.

Have you ever read Isabella's Closet blog? Her dear granddaughter lives with rhuematoid arthritis too.


Amy said...

Dear Joan, I'm enjoying getting caught up on your blog! I can imagine how fun those years must have been. Jon is so, acting, and sports!!! I love Fiddler on the Roof. Thanks for sharing this!