Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I received an award from my cyber friend, Amy

I received this very nice award from Amy at Abundant Curiosities. She has a delightful website, which often features vintage pictures. She also has an Etsy. (You will have to click on it and see what it is.) Amy often posts pictures on her blog that give me a walk down memory lane! I love to visit there and see what she has new and different on her blog! Thanks Amy, and thank you also for the kind words you often leave on my posts!

I am supposed to pass this award on to seven people, but as Amy said on her blog, that is just too hard to decide between all the wonderful blogs we visit each I am choosing two people to get this award.

The first one is for Jose, a new friend from England, who does stamping, and has emailed me, and I her, several times. She is very creative and I am enjoying her cards she makes so very much. We are getting to know one another and find we have several interests in common--stamping, cruising, church activities, retirement, etc.

The other person I am going to send this award to is Tanya, the dairy wife, who is one of my multiples Moms I visit. She has adorable triplets, she is a wonderful photographer, she's a Mom to four kids in their 20's, she had her triplets in her late forties and her website is just plain heart-warming. They live on a large dairy farm and many of her photo shoots are on the farm. Do visit and read her story. Besides you will fall in love with her kiddos! I have gotten to know Tanya through emailing back and forth. Its worth a visit to her website just to see the picture at the top of her blog!!

I would pass this award to everyone one of you whose blogs I visit, but time and space won't allow it. Each blog I visit is so special to me and always a blessing in many different ways.


The Dairy Wife said...

Bless your heart Joan! You are a inspiration to me and I haven't told you this, but I admire you so much and hope to be alot like you in my seasoned years as I raise these kiddo's.

Thank you so much for the award, and thank you for the kind words you said about me. Now I might get "the big head." ha ~

Only thing is ... we don't live on a Large Dairy farm ... Lord help my husband if we did! We have a small dairy farm ... just the right size for us. It probably just looks like lots of cows since I take so many pictures of them! We have cows in three different locations and I'm up and down the road and all the farm with my camera in tow ... and the kids of course!

It's 1:30 am here in Indiana, so tomorrow I'll pass this awesome award on to someone else.

Have a great tomorrow!


scrappy jen d said...

Dear Joan,
Yes I am a teacher also and together with my dear husband Peter I also run our own daycare.
Besides this I am in a design team for scrapbooking and I also give workshops. I am a little busy bee.....AND...WE ALL LOVE PORTLAND and the stat of OREGON! My realtives and friends live in Sherwood (ORE) and we go there as often as we can.....
Please do enjoy Legoland in Californis with the kids! YOU WILL ALL HAVE FUN!
By the way....I love to read all the nice things you do in Oregon!
I loved the pics of the farm: made me so longing for home.....
Cause to us HOME is OREGON!
The beautiful summers....All the things we have there....Mount Hood, Multnomah Falls....Saturday Market, the ROSE GARDENS, the landscape.....
I miss it, but Thank God it is all in my head and heart.....
I really like to keep in contact, Joan!
Wonderful how we "found" another...
When you wake up, it will be 9 hours later here, but I think of you in your wonderful Portland!
Do you live new/ old part of the town?
Enjoy life and till later, Jen.

Jose said...

Thank you so much Joan for this award, I already have it given to me once but feel honoured to have received it a second time, I am so glad to have got to know you, and hope we will have many more emails between us in the future.
Love Jose

Amy said...

Thanks for the nice plug for my blog and shop!! I guess the blog award police will be looking for both of us as we did not bite the bullet and choose 7 people. The way I look at it is that even if we only pick one or two- the award still continues on it's way to nice blog people which is the goal, right?!
Have a great day, my friend.
:) AMY

Ruthie said...

Congratulations. You certainly deserve this award.
Hope things are going well for you and you're feeling good.

Technonana said...

GRACIOUS, you sure have been busy!! Nice award... so glad you decided to bestow it on these nice people...
Great to have you back!!!

Margie said...

Hi Joan, How wonderful to get this special honor!! You sure a special friend and you deserve this honor!!

God Bless you,