Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A New Week

Well, the birthday celebrations are over for this year. It was a wonderful week of enjoying family and good friends. The part I liked best was going to the mailbox everyday and finding new cards! (I'm like a little kid over things like that!)

This week is truly promising to be a splendid one. No real big things until Thursday when my sister and I are meeting for lunch with the two girls we grew up with who lived across the street from our home.. They live out of state, so we always get together when they come "home" for a few weeks in summer. Our lunches are always roucous, for we laugh so hard and long from recalling many incidents from our childhood. There is something wonderful about sharing memories with those we were so intertwined with as children into adulthood. So.........if you happen to be eating at Stanford's on Thursday, stay away from the booths by the window if you are planning on a quiet lunch!!

Yesterday (Monday), I went to Main Street, USA (my little town with all the hanging baskets and old buildings) I went to the Post Office and bought stamps for 6 x 6 cards, stamps for overweight letters, stamps for post cards, and stamps for overseas mailing. It was quite a little expedition. Of course, I had to go to Craft Warehouse for a little look around at what is new--bought a little,

then ate lunch out with a book I am trying to finish. Came home and basked in the warmth of an 81 degree day. Finished my book out on the patio.

Today my five! cleaning ladies came (once a month). They attack my house like bandits. I hide in my office, and in one hour they are done!! Only one speaks English. They have the best time together. They laugh and giggle and of course, I can't understand a word they are saying. We smile and nod a lot together.

Tomorrow is hair day and Safeway delivery day. When I get a free coupon in the mail for free delivery from Safeway, then I do my shopping online. I love that!

In my spare time this week, I am making cards--I'm totally out of thank you cards, and birthday cards. These are from today. Not quite done with the pink cards--need a little more bling!

Also last night I made ravioli soup and a chicken and cornmeal casserole. I divided them up into Glad boxes and got them into the freezer for some supper meals. I just add a salad or a veggie and I am good to go!

Friday, the glass man is coming to check my patio doors. I can hardly open them anymore, and the grandkids can't manage them at all.

Its going to be a wonderful week. I loved Monday and today. I've also closed the doors on this cabinet!! We'll see how long they stay closed!!

I am still working on time management. I'll say "good-night" for now. I'm going to go out to the family room and look at the closed doors and READ!


Ruthie said...

Sounds like an eventful few days. Enjoy your reading.

Mary Isabella said...

I am with you on the reading. It is my thing....Have a great Wednesday.....Mary

Ruthie said...

Yes, you are welcome to lift the Thursday Thirteen button off my blog. I may just do the Thursday Thirteen without the button - but either way is fine. I like it because it isn't so many things to picture or write about...it's more "do-able".
Thanks for stopping by. I enjoy your visits, too.
Be sure and let me know if you come to Colorado! We'll get together.

papel1 said...

You sure sound busy. I too like to accumate different postage stamps to have on hold. I love the cards you made.

Marie Reed said...

Hi! I found you through Judy! Those cards are just gorgeous.. I have zillions of vintage postcards and need to get to crafting with them. This post gave me a bit of inspiration to do that!

The FarmHouse Triplets said...

Love the cards ... you are so talented.

Five cleaning ladies at one time in one hour ... WOW! can you send them to Indiana next month? Just think what they can do in a day here. I would love it.


Gina@Chats With An "Old Lady" said...

I love your cards, Joan! I wish I could come over and you could teach me some things!!!

I love Safeway delivery too!!!

How's that closed cabinet going?? I am not missing my TV one bit!!!

I've missed you! It's been awhile since Itouched base!!! Hope all is well!!