Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Eight years ago today....

our Mother left us peacefully to enter into the presence of the Lord.

During these past eight years, I’ve learned many things more deeply about my dear Mom....and also myself.


had courage as she faced old age.

was always beautifully dressed no matter what the day was bringing to her.

was so gracefully hooked to her oxygen tank

never complained

displayed courage in all areas of her life

walked with the Lord more deeply than we realized as evidenced
in the many places we found her writings from her heart.

loved her family, which was so clearly seen, as we sorted through every card we had ever given her--all saved.


I’ve learned that I often have a heavy heart because I was impatient at times.

I’ve learned that I wish I could go back and do it again.

I’ve learned that I didn’t really know how sick she was until she struggled
for each breath her last week.

I’ve learned that I loved her so much
....and didn’t show it enough.

I’ve learned that I wish I could have her back
for just five minutes!

I’ve learned that I will love her for always.


Things I now know...

She is in the presence of the One Whom she adored.

We miss her prayer covering for the family.

I miss seeing her open Bible and study materials on her dining room table.

I miss playing games with her.

I miss her enjoyment of all of her great-grandchildren.

I miss her sweet countenance and her lovely smile.

I know, by faith, her reunion with our dear Dad, our grandparents, and the hosts of loved ones who went before her was more than my finite mind can imagine.

I know that “eye has not seen nor ear heard.....”

I know we shall meet again.

I am so thankful for her Godly influence
for sixty eight years in my life!
I have been blessed!!

Thank you, Lord.

Taken exactly one week before she was gone from us.
She is holding her namesake, little Gracie, the last great-grandchild.


Senorita Kassey said...

I can't believe it's been 8 years, I remember the exact moment I found out that Grandma Thompson had passed away. Wow. It was my first funeral, and the most beautiful service I have been to. Thank you for reminding us of what a treasure she was!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post, Joan. I smiled because today would be my Mother's 80th birthday. Yes, five more minuites would be lovely.

Blessings, Patty

Technonana said...

What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful mother!!! I know just what you mean!! Praying for you today and always!!!

sister sheri said...

What a lovely post about your mom. She sounds very special. You are blessed!

Mo Wall said...

What a beautiful blog. I especially enjoyed reading the one about how you adopted your son Jon. It was so sweet. I was adopted myself when I was 11 years old. My parents live in Seattle, Washington. Not to far from you. I am currently in California going to school at Fresno Pacific University.
You seem like such a nice godly woman. I will continue to read your blog. Thank you for encouraging me through it. Have a wonderful day.
Mo Wall

Gina@Chats With An "Old Lady" said...

Just stopping in to say hello! I thought of you today when I was at the craft store!!

What a wonderful tribute to your mom. You must miss her!!!

Ruthie said...

What a wonderful tribute to your mom. She sounds like she was so special. I lost my Mom 12 years ago and I miss her still. She exibited those same godly qualities - never complaining, always loving her family, so very special! I often dreamed that she was back for just one day and I had a chance to do some of those wonderful mother/daughter things again.
Blessings to you.

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Thank you.
Written with grace, dignity, unashamed love and devotion.
You brought tears to my eyes. Thank you.