Monday, June 2, 2008

The Masche Sextuplets are Turning One!!

These sweet, sweet babies, The Masche Miracles, will be ONE year old on June 11th!
About fifteen months ago, I discovered their website and it captivated my heart. It was the real life day to day experiences of a couple waiting for six babies!!

In the months before the mother’s delivery, I grew to love this little Christian family, pray for them and anxiously awaited hearing that the babies were safely here!

Almost right after their successful birth, Jenny, the mommie, became suddenly critical from heart problems and spent several days critically ill. Eventually, she recovered, and was able to await the babies homecoming as they grew bigger and stronger in the NICU.

Their press coverage page has much information, as well as an interview which is most informative, and also is very open and honest. Also at the bottom of the press coverage page is lots of written history.

What drew me to continue to visit this site was Jenny’s love of the Lord and her complete dependence upon Him for all that was concerned with her pregnancy. Brian was on national TV the morning after their birth, and my heart went out to him as he was being interviewed about the babies. It was apparent that he was thrilled with the babies, but his heart was with Jenny. He asked for prayer for her. People prayed and God responded.

When the babies were about four months old, I wrote to Jenny expressing my enjoyment of hearing about the babies, and other things. She wrote me back, to my surprise! (Remember she has six tiny babies all the same age.)

In that email, she shared a lot about the big adjustments that had to take place in their home before all of the routine began to run smoothly. Reading between the lines, I don’t think it was an especially easy time emotionally for any of them.

Jenny and I have continued to correspond, as she has time, and I have always just been tremendously blessed by her mail. She is a Godly young women, who desires to please the Lord in all she does. God blessed those babies when He placed those special little ones in that home. They are totally surrounded with love, as many of their helping hands are family.

I’m sure Jenny and Brian would say that it has been a long year in many ways, and a short one, also. They are enjoying the developing babies so much. They are all movers and shakers now and busy, busy, busy!! Jenny says, “The Lord continues to strengthen us on a daily basis, sometimes hourly basis, but He is always faithful even when we think we can't take one more step!”

The babies are so adorable and each so individual in their own way. They have had lots of wonderful experiences in their first year. Jenny and Brian take them places--one or two at a time if they go out of town.

One night a week Brian has night school in another town and Jenny accompanies him for the night, taking just one baby each week. I sense the babies will have lots of wonderful advenures as they grow. I think Jenny and Brian are young people who have lots of friends, enjoy traveling, visiting out of town friends, and being out and about!! I think that those babies are going to come right along for the ride!! In fact they took all six babies to San Diego while Mommie and Daddy ran in the 26.2 mile Rocknroll marathon on June 1!!

Jenny with either Molli or Savannah
(I can't tell them apart unless they are in the same picture)
when she took three of them to visit her sister.

On June 18, 2008, right after the babies’ birthday, they will be in New York for the morning Today Show.
Imagine, if you will, what that air flight will be like--six or more adults (one for each baby, I’m sure) and then all the stuff for six babies!!

On the evening of June 18th, there will be an hour special on the WE network, called OMG sextuplets!Do read Jenny’s latest newsletter on their web-site. She descibes each child so well.

Savannah -
tiny and petite, just over 15 lbs.

just under eighteen pounds
and the tallest of the babies

weighs over 19 pounds
and is the biggest of the babies

weighs 17 or 18 pounds
working on talking

Molli -
weighs about 16 and a half pounds
is the most content of all of them

no weight given in last update
is the first to do everything

I think you would be blessed with a visit to The Masche Miracles website. There is some history there, plus all of the pictures since the beginning of the pregnancy!!! Looking at those little preemies and then to see the pictures of today---it just blesses your heart to see what God has done in their precious little lives.

No baby pictures are complete without a couple of bathtub scenes!

I will close with some words from one of Jenny Mache’s favorite songs which has ministered to her often.


(post was written with jenny mache's permission)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the story about those beautiful babies! Mom running a marathon! WOW!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great story about the sextuplets, and your involvment with the family via the Internet. Don't we live in amazing times where we can make these connections and be part of people's lives around the globe! I continue to admire & envy your blog talent. Wow1


Ruthie said...

Enjoyed reading about these babies! What a blessing.

thanks for stopping by my blog.
No, I never went back to China. We evacuated in 1945 during WW II, and then China's door was closed.

Thanks for your encouragement.

HW said...

I will most definitely be checking out their website when I have time today.
It was good to catch up on my reading my reading of your posts; as I've not been at the computer much lately.
And it was so good to hear from you again on my blog. Your words are always so kind.

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

I really enjoyed reading this post!
Be sure and pop back over to my blog and register for a free drawing!
I know why the Lord didn't give me that many children at a time. But so thankful that His grace has been in effect in this family's life.

Technonana said...

Thanks for visiting me... I love this story and yes I saw the interview... my son, who is single loves to watch, John and Kate plus 8. Wonder if that is because he is a twin????

The Dairy Wife said...

What a wonderful post. I too follow their story and read about their littles growing up.

When you turn everything over to God ... Life is good! I couldn't be raising triplets out here on this farm at my age if I didn't rely on God every moment of my life.