Friday, May 2, 2008

I haven't lost my touch!

Is there any thing cuter than a sleeping baby?

Last week four of us (two at a time) kept these little guys in our church nursery for the day in order for their Mom to have the day getting things in order at home. She is overwhelmed, at times, with her four boys, so we decided to give her the gift of a day to herself.

I rocked the little guy to sleep and just had to take a picture! He is so sweet. Almost forgot how rewarding it is to rock a little one to sleep! There is nothing like it!

The four year old is a busy little guy. He was in the bathroom a long time, had shut the door, and so I went to check on him. He told me to get out, he wanted "privacy"! Indeed he did! He was having a ball with the soap dispenser and a little water--all over the counter top! A few good wipes with a paper towel took care of that problem.

We read together, which he loved!! He is a busy, very active little boy, so he kept my partner and me on our toes!

It was a fun time for me. I have spent time with the two older boys. They haven't been to my house to play yet, but are dying to get out here. I'm going to set up the Thomas the Train table before they come out.

Children really make life interesting. I am so glad for these little people, who, by the way, call me "Grandma Joan". I like that.


Tricia said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, I have enjoyed reading yours, especially your "Thoughts on Jim Elliot", how wonderful to meet someone who knew him!!

I am sure you are a blessing to those in your life, thanks for sharing your thoughts and your love for Jesus!


HW said...

What a gift you gave that young mother.

I only have two children, but my husband traveled a great deal for his job when they were young. I spent weeks at a time raising them alone. It would have been wonderful to have been rescued like that every now and then.

I know she is thankful for you and your childcare partners.

And you're right, there's nothing like a sleeping baby. I got to feed my 5-week-old grand nephew his bottle today and it was pure heaven.

sister sheri said...

What a most wonderful gift to give! I'm reviewing my schedule to see when we can get together...

Margie said...

I see that you too have a love for children! I too have that love. My hubby and I keep the one year lod nursery at church every Sunday! We love it! Our church has 2 services so we keep the nursery one service and attend church the other service. We have done this for years. We also have a sweet 3 1/2 year old little boy Zach that is our "adopted" grandson and I ussually have him once a week! WE have a great time every week!!!

Margie :-)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful blessing you gave that young Mother. I agree there's nothing like rocking a little one to sleep. Love it!