Friday, May 16, 2008

A Quiet Hot Day in Portland!!

Today is the second day of heat and sunshine--almost 100 degrees. My air conditioner is belting out the cold air, and there is a hot, hot wind blowing. I’m so glad I don’t have my summer plants out yet as this hot wind would have fried them!
This was a cooking day. I no longer enjoy fixing daily evening meals....too much mess and cleanup. So.........every so often I make a few good recipes and divide them into Glad boxes for the freezer. I just add a veggie and am good to go with my trusty microwave, when I am ready to eat one.

I also order meals to go from one of those places where you go in and prepare your own meals. They kindly make them up for me, as standing in one place is something I just can’t handle because of my back. I do the same with their meals that I purchase--bake them and put them in my trusty Glad boxes!

My recipes today took all day. I come to the office and sit when the standing gets to me. Then I’m up and back in about 20 minutes.

So the day on the recipes--make some cards--read a little--check out some blogs--clean up the kitchen--it was a good, productive day!

I baked four large chicken breasts covered in a mixture of apricot jam, russian salad dressing, and Lipton’s onion soup mix. I cut the chicken breasts into four long pieces each. Did you know that partially thawed meat is a cinch to cut??? I just whizzed through it!!!

Today’s recipe of the day was 20 Minute Chicken Creole, which came from my new Sparks web site with whom I am going to lose 25 pounds!!

Anyway, the recipe is pretty lo-fat and delicious! Just click. I put it on my other website! I had a serving for lunch--no rice--and it was filing and I loved it because it was spicy!

The music coming from my computer is just blessing me so much. I think
I should sign off
and just bask in the words--
Hope your weekend is not too hot...
and that it is wonderful!




sister sheri said...

Hi Joan... It was truly a scorcher today, wasn't it great?

I'm a big fan of Dream Dinners... they're very calorie conscious.

Did you create a Spark Web Page? I'd love to visit!

Satin said...

Good for people to know.