Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"The time has come,"

the Walrus said,
"To talk of many things:
Of losing weight--of working hard--
Of sticking to a plan--of control--
Just doing it......
Six years ago I completed a sixty-five pound weight loss and have kept it off since that time. After our November cruise, I returned home and was up three pounds. Christmas came and went and suddenly there were four more. I hated it, but didn’t do anything about it.

This past two week, after some wonderful meals, some foolishness, and carelessness, I found I was up another five!! That did it! I have to get this off plus more. I will not allow myself to ever gain again!

Thanks to Sister Sherri, I learned of Sparks weight loss pages and all of the good stuff that goes with it.....so I signed up. (Its free)

I like the accountability of keeping track of what I eat, weighing daily, and the flexibility to eat what I want in moderation....and a place to figure my choices into my daily eating plan!!

During the time I lost the weight six years ago, I did not exercise and that was not good. I even bought a recumbent bike,
bought a little tv to make the time go faster when I ride, and hate to say that I have used it very little.

My goal currently is to lose 25 pounds.
Yes, that would 25 of these!

I will see how that goes and I may do a second twenty-five. I shall wait and see.

So I’m hanging it all out to the world.

My goals are as follows:

1. Lose twenty five pounds
2. Exercise daily, beginning with 10 minutes and adding 5 minutes weekly
until I am up to 30 minutes daily.

For any of you younger readers who might need to lose some weight, I would say to do it now, not later. As we age the skin loses its elasticity and believe me.....when I say that my body looks like a balloon from which all of the air was released!! (Thank goodness for clothes!!) I shall leave you with that picture!!

Here’s to healthy eating, moderate portions, and success!
Update---Friday May 16, 2007
This morning I have 4 pounds off
I have not started my exercising : (

Update---Friday May 23, 2007
This morning I have 7 pounds off (total)
Still no exercising! It's coming, tho : )


Senorita Kassey said...

What an encouraging blog! I am on my own diet and exercise kick right now as well, and am really enjoying aerobic and arabic dance classes! I will check out the website you suggested, but wanted to wish you the best of luck with your diet. Press on press on- we can do it!

sister sheri said...

yeah for you! Maybe you'll inspire me to get exercising... I need it especially with how gray the weather has been!