Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Eve, 2008, is history!

As you know from the previous post, we were in the middle of a huge snowstorm on Christmas Eve. It was finally decided that we would meet, as usual, at my sister and brother-in-law's home for our buffet supper and gifts. (my nephew and family picked me up with chains on their pick-up)

We got there and were greeted by our hosts......

Shortly after we ate, the children began opening their gifts and a police car pulled up front....and soon another one joined it. It was my nephew and his wife, both on duty, but with a dinner hour to spend with the family. .....and so, with their arrival, we were complete!

(Can you imagine having to dress like that for work??? They wear bullet-proof vests under their shirts--it all looks pretty heavy and combersome to me!)

They had some WONDERFUL news to give us! They opened a gift and pulled out an OSU baby outfit! They are expecting a little boy baby June 16!!!!!!! This news created quite an uproar in the living room!! The shock and surprise…..

for they were adament about not having kids…..

Well, God has other plans for them!!!!! We are SO excited, to say the least! I am so thrilled that my nephew, who is a tender-hearted, gentle giant of a man, will have his own little baby.

He thinks he is too old, but age doesn't seem to matter any more. He is 45 and she will be 38 when baby comes. They will do just fine. They will have to adjust their life style, but it will all be worth it.....and they will come to realize that in time.

And so our night ended on that most happy note and we made our way home through the snow. My son, Jonathan and family came out here for the night. After stockings and breakfast, a little visiting, and just a happy, laughter-filled morning, I made a little lunch and sent them on their way, as it was snowing hard again. They live an hour's drive south of us, so needed to get on the road for home. Just one problem, they couldn't get their van out of the snow.

So after some digging, some pushing, and patience, they were on the move for a very good drive home without incident!

It was a happy time for all of us. As I age, I so love the time spent with family and realize what a blessing they all are to me. I am so grateful for our rich heritage given us by our parents and grandparents.


Sassy Granny ... said...

How wonderful! And, if it's any encouragement, my own parents were 42 & 46 when I was born. (surprise!). They never stopped telling me how much they relished my late arrival.

Congratulations to all!


Kim said...

The snow was something else, wasn't it? I'm only sorry it kept me from finally getting to meet you! Did you have more snow this morning? We did and it's still on the ground (about 1/2 inch).

Happy New Year, Joan!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

This is awesome news my friend. Your Christmas sounds wonderful.
Everything looks so beautigul covered in snow...m..

sister sheri said...

Congratulations! What exciting news... especially for the new year! God's blessings, my sister!

sister sheri said...

Oh, and LOOOOVE the background!

Joanne said...

Wow, the snow is coming down! I didn't realize the Portland area got so much snow. My daughter is considering going to school at a private Christian college in Eugene. Do they get snow there?

Well friend, you have given me the most pleasant way to go to sleep now. Thoughts of a precious new baby in your family dancing in my head. What a wonderful Christmas gift for all of you.

Happy New Year

The Farm House Kids said...

Oh I am so glad I don't live in Portland ... but I'm sure Indiana will get it's share this year. I'm just not ready for that much snow!

It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas with your family. You are such a blessed Gram!

On a note for the new baby ... how exciting! You already know my take on age and babies ... they'll do just fine, and no way are they too old. Tell them just to not have triplets at that age ... it can be a bit rough at times ... ha!


Anonymous said...

Congrats to the big, big guy! that shirt looks so TINY in his hands :)!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Christmas news! And they are still very very young and obviously healthy and in shape. They will do just fine!
So glad you had a wonderful Christmas

scrappy jen d said...

Dearest Joan,
I was reading your blog and enjoyes the wonderful and cheerful pictures!
Oh my GOD! I am so happy for the two wonderful "cops"that they will have a baby!
Just tell the pretty man that HE IS NOT TO OLD! He will be a wonderful DAD!
At least he knows what's around in this world!
I can see that is was a wonderful and blessed time over there!
I hope the little female "cop"wil be protected by a guardian angel, because there's so much danger for police-officers.
I really pray for her and her baby!
Lots of love, Jen.

Amy said...

Great news about the baby!!!