Saturday, January 10, 2009

My After Christmas Visitor

My Molly girlie came for three days just before New Year's. We always have such a good time together. She is a true girlie girl and loves to we talk....and we make cards.....and she texts her friends in between! (Now that texting is another whole subject!!!)

Molly's Daddy wanted her to make him some thank you notes to keep on his desk at church, so he can send off notes to people he wants to thank. So she made some really nice ones for him. (Double click on the cards to see the details)

She made the decorative sack in which to put the cards. Her Dad was very pleased with them!

We got the time for a hair cut, which was a bit of a disappointment to her, as the hair dresser didn't cut her hair exactly like the picture she took with her. I thought she was adorable, but what Gram thinks is adorable, is not always Molly's idea of adorable!!!

Its hard to believe that she is going to be 14 next month!!

Next time it will be Elliot's turn. He was at a Christmas Camp at the beach for five days. With our snowed in time, there were very few free days to have them come this year. We do week-ends, though when they don't have sports, so I will nab him soon. As they get older, they aren't as available to visit Gram because of all of their activities and such.


Technonana said...

Oh What a cutie!!! The cards are beautiful. You guys do good work!!
I like the bag too!! Can you make cards with that Logo??
I know you really enjoyed your time with your granddaughter!!
We only have one granddaughter, and 5 grandsons!! Kinda hoping that one day someone will give us another granddaughter!!
Checking out the picture on the side of your blog.. when did you go cruising, and where?

Sally said...

Your granddaughter is beautiful. I love her smiles. You can tell she smiles from the inside out.

I can see whey her dad was so pleased with the cards they are gorgeous and everyone who receives one will really love them.

Ruthie said...

I love her haircut. And she is a real sweetie, I can tell. So nice that you can visit and make cards together.
Isn't it fun to have the times on your blog list so you can tell who posts when??
So nice to have you back after the holidays.
Blessings my friend.

Sassy Granny ... said...

Any "Molly" is a friend of mine! My own Molly (my only daughter, now 38) is coming for a visit in two weeks and I can hardly wait.

What a precious young lady. I just know you don't have a button left when speaking of her.


sister sheri said...

You are one fortunate granny! and they are lucky grandkids, too!

Anonymous said...

Molly is a doll. The cards are such a nice idea!

Ruthie said...

What happened to your "Followers" tab on my blog. It was there and so cute and suddenly today it was gone. I missed you. Maybe it is just one of those blog things that happens.

How are you and how is your back?
I am very behind these days. Just got our Christmas tree down. Hope to post today.
Hope you are well.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your comment to my blog about waiting for your boy. It really touched me and made me think of the day I will watch my Jane's children play. You brought me to happy tears. i read this this morning.

Psalm 118:23
This was the Lord's doing;
It was marvelous in our eyes.

Wouldn't you agree!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! That texting is indeed another subject. My sister in law can text me a sentence back faster than I can even type one letter on a cell phone!

We did see Pablo and Sarah which was a pleasant surprise! Another couple from Trujillo is pastoring a church in N.C. about an hour from where we live. They arrived in the states a week before we went to Peru so we missed them. So of course since it's just an hour away we visited them and it worked out to visit the same time that Pablo and Sarah were visiting them! It was really nice. Those girls are indeed ADORABLE! I had meant to blog about it but I just forgot!

P.S. I agree that Molly's haircut looks great on her!