Monday, December 22, 2008

Some pictures from the storm of '08!

This will be a collection from the Portland area with which to remember this storm! (The worst in our area since 69) Hopefully, I'll get some of my area. I live on the East side of town and we often get it worse here because we are closer to the Gorge.

This is my high energy friend's driveway. She shoveled this space so her son-in-law would be able to pull in when he comes to put on her chains so she can get out! Pretty good for a 72 year old lady!!

My friend's home on the West Side. She hadn't done her driveway yet!!

This shows the iced up trees.

And from my cousins' home on my side of town near Troutdale,
where the Interstate 84 has been closed for three days for a stretch of about 75 miles.
The car is nearly buried, but the U. S. Flag is flying proudly in the snow!
Notice the lamp pole buried in the snow!
Looking out from her kitchen nook window. It IS beautiful, but my oh my,
how a collection of snowflakes can stop an area dead in its tracks!!

My brother in law's pickup!
Brother in law, Bill beginning to shovel out the walkway.
He is making progress...
Look at the depth of the snow where he has cut into the walkway!
Poor old fellow. that was a lot of work!!

To be added, some pictures from my front yard tomorrow, unless it is all gone by then! (I wish)

Well, Surprise!! It didn't melt!

From my garage to the right front yard
To the left is my six foot fence with drifts
house across the street
hope this tree stays where it belongs
to the back yard--my poor geraniums--all buried in that drift except for one pot
I think my hedge may have bitten the dust.
No baths for the birdies today!
According to the weather reports, five more inches tonight!!
I'm waiting for a pizza to be delivered!! Hope he makes it!!


Devita said...

Wow! It's a huge amount of snow. Thank God everybody is okay.

Anonymous said...

WHEW! Merry Christmas. Bing Crosby's White Christmas MUST be on at your place!

sister sheri said...

I'm enjoying your pictures... but not the snow!

Amy said...

Wow! I know I don't know what I'm wishing for but I sure wish some of that would come our way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jose said...

Lovely pictures, but so glad we dont have this weather, hope by now it has gone or is going.

Robin Lambright said...

Oh my!

I hope the thaw is going well. Great pictures by the way! Thanks for sharing. It makes us all appreciate out warmer climates, I had my front door open today to let in the nice fresh air for a bit. It is a sunny 60 degrees.

Did the pizza make it????


Sassy Granny ... said...

What an incredible winter wonderland! Our children in the Olympia, Puyallup area in WA State have been having some great fun - at least until they have to drive in it. But the kids are out of school, businesses have been closed, and some great memories have been made.

I hope you've stayed warm and enjoyed yourself. Great photos!


Sally said...

Your photos are incredible. they are so beautiful. I love the snow, but now that I am older I enjoy it from the inside. Hope you have been enjoying a cup of cocoa and a good book. Keep warm and stay safe.

Deborah said...

Hope you have a horse drawn sleigh! Happy new year! Deb