Thursday, January 15, 2009

The last scrapbook from the cedar chest!

...."and so 1956 begins"

is found on the front page of this scrapbook which contains a history of a very tragic event, yet a very triumphant and very meaningful part of our Christian history.

I began this scrapbook the day our daily newspaper had a headline about a Portland man, Jim Elliot, missing with four of his companions in Ecuador, as they were trying to meet with a stone age tribe of Auca Indians with whom they desired to share the love of God, through Jesus Christ.

Articles soon began appearing in periodicals and magazines--also the program from Jim Elliot's memorial service is on the left page.
LIFE magazine did a very large spread about the situation. I have chosen a few pages below to photograph. (double clicking gives you a better view)
'Letters to the editor' of Life on the left side and an article from Christian Walk on the right.
Moody Monthly covered the story with many pictures and personal stories
of the families involved.
Aviation Fellowship had a whole magazine dedicated as Nate Saint was one of their pilots. (I see the picture from the front had been cut out--probably for some report one of the kids did on something from that era)
Readers Digest had a condensed version of "Through Gates of Splendor"
And last, an article from The Sunday School Times--I don't even know if
that is around anymore.
This scrapbook went to school with many of the fifth graders in my home, as that is the year they studied South the scrapbook is tattered and torn, but has been read and read by many, many people!

If you are interested in reading further how my own life was changed because of this event in our history you might want to read this post.


Anonymous said...

I think you are paying with your blog as I write! The background changed! I will come back to read the post you mentioned.

Kim said...

Neat scrapbook! I think I have read most of the books about that event, heard Elisabeth Elliot talk about it many times (I even had her autograph my copy of Through Gates of Splendor), and yet somehow I missed that Jim was from Portland. Interesting!

Thanks for sharing.

Sally said...

Fabulous Scrap book. Am off to read your other post on how it changed your life.

Ruthie said...

Wonderful scrapbook! I remember when it happened and read many of the same articles.

You might try to get into that blog again, about the soup, because I fixed it so it would link.

Glad to see you are on my followers again - it cheers me up when I see your little granny picture! :)

Your cyber friend,

Technonana said...

Good Morning Granny!! I am thrilled that you did this post and The Scrapbook is Great!!
I vaguely remember when this happened, but I have see the movie, and read about it since The End of The Spear came out!! An Amazing story of Love and Redeption!!

papel1 said...

Scrapbooks are fun to ready. Yours is very interesting.

shekinahhvac said...

Wow, your scrapbook is amazing. I just love things like that I could pour over them for hours.

I didn't know he was from Portland, very interesting.

Thank you for sharing it with us.

sister sheri said...

What a keepsake of your precious cousin! My dearest love is heading to Ethiopia on Monday for a missions trip... the same God who was with Jim will be with him, too.

I'm going to be in Gresham for a JBQ tournament on Saturday, January 31st. Perhaps we could meet?

shekinahhvac said...

thank you for visiting my blog. and yes I am just across the river. I love living here in the Pacific Northwest. I am originally from Arizona.


Amy said...

Thanks for showing this. What a story!!! A real treasure to have all that in a nice scrapbook for the history to live on.

Stretch Mark Mama said...

Yes, I did see this post! I'm hoping to read one of the two Jim Elliot books to the kids this spring. They know the very basics of the story, but these scrapbooks will be fun for them to see!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this! It amazes me how much Jim's story has touched so many lives, both in South America and here. May we not forget the message...He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

Love you!