Sunday, December 21, 2008

OH! The weather outside is frightful!!!!

My cousin's home above her family's farm in Troutdale.

One week ago today, we awakened to snow and ice and thus began our week! There was some type of snow, wind, cold weather all week long. Yesterday, (Saturday) we started getting snow in earnest. Along with the snow, came the East wind from the Columbia River Gorge....which caused drifts!

In looking out my bedroom window this morning, I see that I have a drift right up to the window sill, covering all five of my Azaleas completely! The trees are covered in ice for I forgot to mention that an icy rain fell all night long. We are still under 32 degrees, so it looks like it will stay for a while.

I am so thankful that:
my Christmas shopping is done
I am warm
my electricity is still working
my freezer is full of oven ready foods
my phone is working
many friends and family call to check up on me
I don't mind being snowed in
I have lots of things to do
this, too, shall pass

As we age, we become very protective of our bones that have remained in one piece, and for that reason, I have not left my house except for one hour during a calm, melty-looking day. I managed to finish getting all of my stocking stuffers, so I am so thankful for that. Other than that I have remained inside--not even going to the mail box. I have some braver friends who stop by and when they do they bring in my mail for me.

With this update from Oregon, I must close. I think my garage door is frozen even if I wanted to go some place, I couldn't get the car out!!

We are all hoping we can get to our family gathering for Christmas Eve dinner and opening of presents.

A friend of mine just wrote her reflections about being stranded up in her vacation home on Orcas island. She has a flair for writing, so it is an interesting read if you have the time.

I trust all of you are almost ready for this precious Holiday in which we take the time to honor and celebrate the birth of our risen Lord Jesus!


Patty said...

Beautiful picture, Joan.

Sounds a little chilly up in your neck of the woods. it is here too...I can't rmember the last time we had a cold Christmas.

I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and to thank you for all your encouragement to me. You are such a blessing.

I pray that the new year will be a better year health wise for you. I know you have had a tough time of it.

Stay warm up there...Merry Christmas, Patty

Sassy Granny ... said...

Winter wonderland!

My sons, in the Olympia/Puyallup area in WA State, keep texting and emailing me pictures and updates. Looks like the whole Pacific NW is going to be blanketed (such a cozy concept!) for many days to come.

Stay warm! Wish I could grab a mulled cider and watch the falling flakes with you.