Monday, December 1, 2008

Four Fabulous Days...

Well, Thanksgiving is over for this year. It is always a wonderful day to reflect, to remember past Thanksgivings, and the joys of family. We were only seven this year, as it was the 'in-laws' turn for most of the kids.

Grandson Elliot, came Thursday evening after his day with his other grandma. He stayed with me until Saturday morning, as he wanted to get home for the 'Civil War' party his parents were hosting to watch the Oregon/Oregon State football game. So, the stay was short, but we got in a couple of episodes of 'The Waltons', got him a hair trim, visited and laughed together, and in general had a great time! (Elliot brings energy, no matter where he is!)

I flew around here, cleaning up for my next guest, Nicolas, who drove himself to my house. This was his first drive clear to my end of the city, so he was quite pleased and I was thrilled to have him. We played games...and then we played games....

Our pastor and his wife called Sunday evening and wanted to know if we would be up to playing some games! Of course we were, so they arrived with their son who is Nick's age. They even brought a pizza, some yummy fruit and we ate together first.

We played ROOK. I hadn't played it for ages, but it was a game we were raised on in my home! It was known as "Christian Bridge" in my young days, as we weren't allowed to play with regular cards. (go figure!)

If any of you ever played ROOK let me know. Our company last night played it pretty different than I had ever played it. My Dad insisted on keeping it just like the rules. Last night we played ONE high, and the ROOK card as the highest. I won't even bother to explain how we partnered up! It was a raucous evening. We sure had fun!

The game in the picture is at least 48 years old, as I found the names of my first two foster girls on a paper in the box and they came to me in 1960, which was also my first year of teaching. Ahhhh, the memories of the hours we enjoyed playing games!


Kristy said...

What a fun post!
We LOVE games around here, and are always up for folks dropping by to join us for a evening of fun. I have never heard of Rook, but love the picture of the old set that you have!
Have a wonderful week.
Blessings ~

Kim said...

I have played it, but it's been so long I can't remember the first thing about how to play.

Sounds like a fun time you had with your family and friends!

Anonymous said...

Hey Joan! It sounds like you had such a blast! Makes me want to get out a game of some sort and play right now!!!! I've never played Rook. It sounds like fun though. I love old games with so many memories attached!
Guess looks like we'll be able to see Pablo and Sarah after all! Lord willing we'll be visiting a couple from Trujillo Magali and Demcer who've moved to North Carolina where he's pastoring a church. Pablo and Sarah will be visiting them this weekend so we hope to see them on Friday night and then go up again on Sunday to the meeting with some of our Hispanic friends. Pablo and Sarah will be at another church that day, but we hope to see them Friday. Pretty exciting!

Anonymous said...

By the way, I posted another poem you might like :)

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I too have played but it has been years since I played. I wish you a great wed. I really, really like you header. My husband's sweet Uncle passed away yesterday,. This is the same time his sister (my husbands mother died 11 years ago) he was Christian and a special man. He will be missed.

Gina@Chats With An "Old Lady" said...

It sounds like you had a good thanksgiving and enjoyed your grandchildren! I am so glad it turned out well. Oh, and we LOVE the Waltons! We own every season that is out! We love it!!! And we love games. I do believe you and I would be good friends if I lived near you! We could make cards and watch the Waltons together!!! And I could sit around being jealous of you because you grew up with Elisabeth Elliot!!! (;

Technonana said...

I haven't played Rook in a very long time... it's funny how different people may play a game with different rules.. it's like they lost the direction, so they made up their own!!
So glad you enjoyed you Thanksgiving!!

nancy huggins said...

I don't remember ever playing Rook, but sounds like you had Fun.We had a very different TG and since Billy does not like Turkey (eventhough he ate it every year without complaining when all the kis lived at home) and since it is a day to be Thankful and count your blessings I made him Pork Chops baked in shake and bake and of course we had Pork dressing and then I made a big pan of Lasagna (Nellie was home and doesn't eat any kind of meat) we also had cranberry sauce and rolls and Apple/Cranberry pie for dessert. For Christmas when the house will be full I am making a spiral Ham and smokey links wrapped in a biscuit and 2 kinds of punch and some are all bringing a dish to share and I told them whatever is left in their dish they have to take home with many left overs go to waste with just Billy and I here.
I have been busy with trying to get all my Christmas gifts finished (sewing) plus hope to do the rest of my shopping done this week end (no more snow I hope) and then maybe we can get the house fixed up for the Holidays...just moved in here on Nov 1st ..lots of boxes to still go through.

sister sheri said...

What a wonderful treasure to find the sheet with the two foster girls names... I never did figure out Rook.