Monday, August 11, 2008

Root Canals, August Thoughts, and Blogging

Did you know that the going price for a root canal is $850? And the price of the cap is $1200? And there is something called a "build up" that is $250 more? I received all of this enlightening information this morning at my "emergency" dental appointment!! After I got over the shock, I decided I was thankful that I could pay for it--(that's two cruises down the drain) and will hopefully find some relief from this situation which has been going on for several weeks and being Thursday is the day for the root canal and then I don't know when the cap goes on. I even get a 5% discount for paying cash!! Now, isn't that special??

On to thoughts of August...before I retired I always got a tight stomach thinking that summer was almost over, that I had to get to my classroom and get it prepared for the first day of school, and a recurring nightmare I endured each August--I arrived at the first day of school and there was nothing on my bulletins boards, no name tags on desks, nothing on the board, and I was in my bathrobe!! Thankfully all of that angst no longer is part of August. I enjoy August now, because it is all mine--not one day is shared with the school district--I can go when I want, come back when I choose, I am retired!!
(When Mt. Hood loses its snow, its time for school to begin!)

And lastly, I haven't been a very good blogger reader this summer. I read the blogs and think I will come back and leave a comment, but I have fallen down on that....and I am sorry. I am hoping that fall will bring renewed committment to posting and reading blogs. I do love visiting your posts!!

I've had some wonderful studies this summer in some of the Psalms which I hope to share soon, when I can collect my thoughts!

Have a lovely August, which is almost half way over!!


Amy said...

Hey Joan! I'm so sorry to hear about your tooth :(. But I'm indeed happy for you that August is yours! I'm quite familiar with that feeling...not the nightmare though...that is funny! Going back was really stressful. One year I ended up in the emergency room on the first day of school (forced by my co-workers because I couldn't walk) but it was just stress causing an old problem to flair up. It's amazing how little pain I've had lately :)
P.S. Tom and I were driving home and heard Luis Palau talking about Bert and Colleen on the Christian radio the other day!

Joanne said...

I sure hope your tooth is feeling better.

You and my husband share a love of cruising. He has even tried to figure out how much it would cost to live on a ship when he retires! We have done the 7 day Mexican Riviera, and two four day Coast of California cruises. Our cruise line of choice is Royal Carribean. My sister and I are talking about taking our husbands on an Alaskan cruise in a couple of years.

Where is your next trip going to be?


papel1 said...

I haven't cruised in years but I have had root canals before. But the process seems quicker and not as bad as the one I had years ago. Both myself and hubby worked in the schools (part time for me). We just can't get use to the idea of students starting as early as Aug. 13 in central calif. One thing we really coment on is No Sunday Blahs. We like to go to a casino or shopping on Sunday night because we don't have to get up early on Monday for school.

Ruthie said...

I'll be thinking of you on Thursday. I've had several crowns and it is wonderful when they are done.
Happy August.

Mary Isabella said...

I am so sorry you are having this pain. I will pray everything goes well and you feel better real soon.I can not believe how much everything cost these days. I used to feel the same way about the start of the school year when I worked with preschoolers. The freedom feels so good!!!! Have a good night.....Mary

sister sheri said...

Sorry about the tooth! Take care!