Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bold and Free Thursday 3

We are to share three things. Ruthie shared three of her special pictures a few weeks ago and I thought it was a lovely idea, so with her permission, I am sharing three of my special pictures.

This picture is one that belonged to my grandmother. It was a wedding gift to her from a dear friend. I am thinking that was about 1900. Hasn't it weathered the decades well? It is all embroidery. Enlarging it will allow you to see all of the intricate stitching!

This picture is called "The Helping Hand". I bought it over forty years ago at a Home Interiors Party. I loved it and the children all loved it as they grew up. About ten years ago I took it out of the garish frame from Home Interiors and had it professionally framed. It is above the piano in the living room.

Last, is one of the treasures from the ceder chest I found about three years ago and had it framed for my blue, yellow and white kitchen. I painted it when I was taking oil painting lessons in eighth grade. It was stuck between some old pages of a Seventeen magazine. I had it framed and now enjoy it so much on the wall in my kitchen eating space!


Wendi said...

what a wonderful idea and how precious to have a picture from your grand mother but the vase of flowers is my favourite, i visited your friend Ruthie's blog and read about her grandson such faith is special, my sister donated one of her kidney's to her husband 6 months ago and I am pleased to say they are both doing really well i was so relieved especially as it was not a perfect match

sister sheri said...

Oh, I haven't heard "Home Interiors" for at least 10 years now! Oh, the frames!

Ruthie said...

I love your three pictures! Such fun to see them and hear the history behind them. I love the old stitched one. It's amazing that it is in such good condition after all these years.

Amy said...

I adore your flowers painting but even more so because it was in the pages of a Seventeen Magazine!