Monday, August 25, 2008

An exercise in praise and thanksgiving.

On Sunday we had a missionary speaker, who teaches at Black Forest Academy in Germany. He prefaced his message on Psalm 103, with the following requests.

He asked us to write down eight things God has done this past week.

Upon completing that, he asked us to write down two things we
were grateful for that God had done in our lives.

And finally, he asked us to write down four things we have learned about God.

With this exercise, we have a foundation for praise and worship, which led right into the Psalm which is a call to worship and praise.

I hope to do this exercise on a daily basis, as it was a true blessing to me.

I will share what I wrote for the four things I learn about God in my life.

He provides.
He loves me!
He is constant.
His love never fails.

And with that I wish you all a wonderful week!


Anonymous said...

This is good. Thanks for sending it to me and it will be a good tool to use for a worship gathering here at Countryside.

Gina@Chats With An "Old Lady" said...

Nice! what a great exercise!

Karol said...

Hi Granny! I found your blog; I'm in Tualatin, where are you? I've only found one other blogger in the area, do you know others?? Karol

Joanne said...

What a wonderful exercise to do! I think I might try doing this on Friday when I have my free morning.



sister sheri said...

So important to count our blessings!