Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bold and Free Thursday 3

Its time to choose three things to showcase. I want to share my ceramic lamb which is an antique that my Mom had. He claims a corner on the living room carpet and is a great conversation piece. His length is about 30".

This plate was painted on porcelain in 1928 by a great uncle. Mother displayed it in the china hutch, as I do today. The handles are gold, but seem not to show up properly.

This is a hobnail cake plate from the early 1900's. It was often used at Mom's dinner parties at dessert time. Always beautiful! I remember a cake on it once that was decorated all around the edge at the bottom with fresh summer flowers.

Hope you enjoyed this little bit from my history!


skoots1mom said...

beautiful...thanks for sharing. I can vision the cake with the flowers. My granny used to put her christmas cake on a cake stand like uncles used to fight over who'd get the first piece.
I love lambs...and yours is so pretty. I collect them to use when I work Emmaus Walks in our community...they bring peace whenever they're in any it!

Mary Isabella said...

What beautiful things you have...Have a great weekend...Mary

Dorinda said...

Thanks for always stopping by my blog :) Now I've stopped by yours to say hello!

And I wish I was more organized. I think I keep track of most things except my house which I ignore so I can write :) I just put up another chapter - getting so close to being done!!

Technonana said...

My heart aches for you over the situation with your daughter!! I will keep you and the phone call in my prayers... it's so hard sometimes, but we can never give up on our children!!
In Christ!!

Anonymous said...

I love the cake plate! What a special heirloom! I hope you're doing great! I haven't been on blogger as much lately as I was starting a couple of classes this week...I was constantly planning pretty much, but now I know my students and have my materials organized for the semester so it will be a breeze.
I can't believe Peru is just a month away!!!
I will be continuing the story soon!