Tuesday, August 12, 2008

haicuts and girlie girls.....

My Molly girl has been visiting this week. She was anxious to have a new hair style, so today we went for a hair cut and style. Oh wow! Does she love it!! According to Molly, it is exactly the look she wants. So, I will share my sweet girl's new haircut and "do."

I guess its a good 13 year old look!

We certainly haven't done anything exciting. She went to the dentist with me yesterday. We went out for a late lunch and came home to work on cards and books. She made a sweet fold book and then put in her pictures from the summer. The title was 'The Summer of '08.'

Today we both sat in the office and made cards. She is creative and it is fun to see what she comes up with in her card making.

I record John and Kate plus eight, so we have watched an episode of that together each evening. We've decided there is a lot of noise with that many little kids!!

She goes home tomorrow night...and then to camp on Sunday afternoon...so a busy summer is coming to an end. This summer is the least I have ever had the grandies. They are growing up and have their own social lives in their community and church. Elliot will come next week, Lord willing, for a few days.

School days will soon be here!


sister sheri said...

Special moments between Grandma and Granddaughter... I remember them well...

Gina@Chats With An "Old Lady" said...

cute hair!!! We girls start young with the hair thing, don't we!! It's fun being a girl!!!!!

How are you doing???

Amy said...

Sounds like fun! I like the do!