Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Last of the Cedar Chest, with one exception

Well, we come to the bottom of the chest and there is one more scrapbook and some year books. Nothing too exciting, but they hold wonderful memories of college days so long ago--yet many memories still vivid in my mind's eye.

My college years are all recorded in the pages of this red album. They were wonderful years, so full of music, rich fellowship, beach parties, trips to the Blue Onion for a hamburger, gathering around the piano in the lounge singing, standing in meal line knitting argyle socks while we were waiting, and hosts of other great memories.

The picture above has my train ticket for my first train ride without parents along. (and I do not know why these words are underlined!)

A photographer came each year to take a picture of the whole student body out on the side lawn. His camera started at the left and slowly rotated to the right to get in the whole group. This picture was rolled up in a tube for the last 58 years!

We were a small student body, with only 50 in our freshman class.

You can tell from the size of our yearbooks that our school was small. Dear Westmont College was not very old in 1950. Today the campus has grown as well as the student body size. I had an interesting college career. My freshman year was at Westmont, my sophomore year was spent at home at Multnomah College, my junior year was back at Westmont with my freshman brother along. After my junior year I thought I was tired of school, so I took a job in a hospital for a semester. That was the best thing I ever did--After six months of bedpans, changing beds, bathing people, I knew I needed a degree!! So I went to Lewis and Clark College and graduated from there in December of 1954 with a degree in Psychology and a minor in education.

And on the bottom of the cedar chest was the tattered old picture below-
me about 15 months. (love the old tan shoes!)

So the old cedar chest is gone and all of this stuff has been stored in a large plastic box. There is one more scrap book that came out of the chest which I am going to save for another blog as I am going to share some of the things it holds between the covers. It is my after college book.

"Life at best is very brief, like the falling of a leaf......."


Technonana said...

Wow, what wonderful memories!!
My youngest daughter had me looking through photo albums the other night when she was here with her new 'friend'.
What a great walk down memory lane!!!

Amy said...

Wow!!! Thank you for sharing this fun peek. I most love the panoramic photo of the students and the photo of you as a little one. Very wonderful memories to treasure. The train ticket is so special, too :)

The Farm House Kids said...

You have such wonderful memories. I have an old cedar trunk that I started filling long ago when I was 16. I think after reading this, I need to venture down that path of memories and take a peek inside again.