Saturday, October 25, 2008

Its Saturday Again

.....and I am sitting in the middle of a mess. My office and my kitchen are in terrible disarray!

We are having potluck at church tomorrow and the bulletin said, "Those in the second half of the alphabet bring either a salad or a dessert which serves between 10 and 12 people. So.....I tackled a large strawberry jello recipe which was a favorite of my Mom's. It leaves lots of dirty dishes before it is done because of the way that it is put together. I'm not a neat cook--I toss everything for the garbage in one side of the sink, until I am finished. Because this jello is done in two parts, I can't really clean up until the first part sets.

Every time I had a spare minute this week, I worked on my Christmas cards. I didn't clean up my mess between cards, so the pile thickened. When I start to create, I have to get out all of the designer papers I "might" use! I then spread it out over my work table and my desk counter--what a mess!

And last, but certainly not least, I had to do my Bible study at the kitchen table because there wasn't room in the office!

I didn't follow the rule with which I raised the kids.

"Everything in it's place and a place for everything".

Well, I have a place for everything, but it hasn't found it's way home yet!! Today. before the sun goes down, my goal is that there will be order in my two busiest room!

Check back to see the cleaned up mess. (hopefully)

Its Sundown!

The kitchen is cleaned! The jello is ready to take. You can see how full it is. I have a little clean up to do inside the refrigerator! Its a layered recipe with cream cheese and sour cream in the middle. I put the dab that was left over on top. Aren't dishwashers wonderful?? All the bowls and utensils are inside and waiting for the wash cycle!

The office is now organized and ready to finish the cards next week. At least my piles on the work table have meaning! I have seven new sets of stamps to get cut out and mounted, hence the pile on the end of the table. That is a good project when watching T.V.

The desk top is back to busy normal. I have discovered that I like doing my Bible Study at the kitchen table, so I'm going to continue with that! Leaves my desk cleared for other things.

I even cleaned and straightened out my "bling" drawers. For anyone who scrapbooks or makes cards, you know how quickly the 'bling' drawers get messed up. I moved almost all of my flowers to a drawer by themselves.

This is the top 'bling' drawer and the one beneath it has more of the same.
Saturday is close to being history. I feel that I had a productive day and that always makes me feel happy. I love getting things accomplished and it is so wonderful to be feeling good and being able to do what I like.

I am thankful!!


papel1 said...

It looks like creative clutter to me. Those berries next to the sink look tasty. Don't work too hard.
Judys Postcards Plus

Kim said...

You had a busy day! And the dessert looks delicious!

Oh, and yes, our weather has been so wonderfully crisp lately. This has been an exceptionally beautiful fall, I think. (I so appreciate your sweet comments on my blog.)

sister sheri said...

Well, the jello sounds just yummy! The cards look so professional, too. What Bible Study are you doing?

Well, you sure do have BLiNG!

scrappy jen d said...

Dear Joan,
It is for me- here in The Nethaerlands- so wonderful to see HOW you live in my precious Oregon!
Thank you for sharing your place with all of us, so far away and all over the world!
Thank you so much for the wonderful comment on my blog! It's a lovely one: I cherish it!
Big HUG, Jen.

Linda said...

Thanks so much Joan!! I see you are a card maker too. I am blessed with a whole closet and a more to store my supplies. Sometimes they stay out for days on end though and that will probably be the case in the coming weeks as I start my Christmas cards. Just finished Thanksgiving!

Robin Lambright said...

Wow! I would love to be that organized and have a space to do all kids of crafty things. You go girl!
I do my bible study at the kitchen table as well. It gives me room to spread out with all the stuff I need at hand.

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

It all looks so wonderful to me...m..

Wendi said...

You sure have some bling, perhaps you could pop on over and help tidy my kitchen and craft room
I may try that jello recipe it sounds delicious
Wendi xx

Alexandra said...

WOW!!! Even your mess looks good!! You are like me, a neat crafter - I cannot craft in a mess! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex