Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Posts

Starting this blog in January, was done on a whim. I didn't consider what I would write about. I did not feel led to write devotionals--there are so many excellent sites in blog land for that. And so.........for lack of anything else to write about, I just began to share about my family and all I hold dear, and my life, past and present with all of you.
It was never my intention to portray myself other than who I am. I find that as I share some of my life's stories, in reading some of the lovely comments that are left, I fear that people are giving me far more credit than I deserve. Whatever good has come from my life, has been because of the Lord and His graciousness to me and my family. Despite my many mistakes in parenting, in grand parenting, in being a daughter, sister, aunt, niece and friend, God has loved me through the mistakes and shown His mercy and compassion to me and my family. We are who we are because of Him and His leading and guidance.

Please, as I post in future posts, keep in mind that any good that has come from my life or my life's experiences, is truly only because of God's faithfulness to me. I want Him to have the glory in all the areas of my life.

In closing, I am so thankful for all that I have experienced in my life because of the love of God to me. I was blessed with loving parents, certainly not perfect, but wonderful in my eyes. My extended family are all so good to me. Over the years they have loved all of my kids and added so much depth to their lives. My two professions brought many of life's richest experiences to me and I deeply loved each occupation. My children were gifts from God in a time when single women were not allowed to adopt. My foster children came and went, providing many of life's hardest trials, but the kids with whom I am still in contact bring much contentment to my heart......and the crowning glory of my old age, is the privilege of being a Grammy. Oh! how I have loved that role!

And so, I share with you about all of these things, not to make me look good, but to share a journey that has had many twists and turns in it, yet a happy, fulfilling life. God has been good. As I take some of my walks down memory lane, as I sorted through the cedar chest, as I remember about the children when they were young, I am just reminded over and over again, of the faithfulness of our God to me and mine.

This was a bit of a long ramble, so I shall close until next time.



Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

This was a wonderful post...m..

Ruthie said...

I enjoy your stories immensly. As we are older, it's good to share some of our life's experiences with the younger generation.
Keep it up, my friend.
Sorry you can't make it out to Denver this year. Be sure and let me know if you do come this way!!I'd love to have a cup of coffee or tea with you!!
Hugs. Ruthie

Renee said...

I have been enjoying your blog. We have 2 birth and 5 adopted children and fostered a child and did respite care for others who needed a break. Our journey with adoption and the small amount of foster care we did enriched my life more than I can ever say. Bless you for all you and and Praise God for the many blessings it brought to you in return.

Alexandra said...

Joan, it has been way to long since I popped over to say hello!! Your last posts have been wonderful - I love the one about your foster children finally getting to meet, what a fabulous story!! My husband is a doctor (psychologist) who deals with troubled children and those who are misplaced from their homes and so I know what a great thing you have done!!! Your are such a sweet sweet lady and I am glad I "met" you!!!

The box is quite simple really - cut a piece of card stock to 6x10, score long ways at 1 inch and then turn it sideways and score at 5 and 6 inches. You will see where you need to cut to fold it up - it comes together beautifully although you do need to adjust your card size so they fit inside!! I hope this is clear, if not, drop me a line so that my reply will get to you - smooches, sweetie!

Catherine said...

well said.. love it =)

sister sheri said...

Dear Joan, what a touching post. It is always a struggle to know how to handle compliments... knowing it is not about us... but about HIM. It is such a wonderful time to reflect on how God uses a broken vessel... how He can bless others out of obedience... and how He can use something like the internet to bring kindred spirits together. With love, sister!

Amy said...

Dear Joan, Your posts are not in any way self exalting. You are so down to earth and enjoy and appreciate life. It's so inspiring and encouraging to read about your experiences and the way God has blessed you and used you! Don't stop!!!!!!!!!!
We're on a roll getting ready for Peru. We did our initial packing tonight and it looks like we'll easily stay in the weight limits.
It's surreal...but very exciting!
Much love to you!

Amy said...

I enjoy seeing all your pictures and reading all your stories when I am visiting your blog. Blessed...that is true and comes through with your posts.

The Farm House Kids said...


I think you are just wonderful and I would give anything if you could be "grammy" to my littles. Wouldn't you and them just love it?!


Joanne said...

Joan, goodnesss this touched my heart. May my journey bring me to this very same post one day.

All for His glory...

You are a living example of Proverbs 31 "And her children rise up and call her blessed. Her husband too and he praises her."