Wednesday, September 24, 2008

meet two of my "girls"

These are two of my "girls". Linda, on the left is the 1st foster child I ever had and Tammy, on the right is the 27th....... and the last foster child I had! This was an historic picture, for this is the first time these two ever met!! (It was taken last night, as Linda had stopped by to pick up something which she had forgotten from the week-end and Tammy was just finishing up some work for me.)

Let me explain. Linda came in 1960, as a senior in high school, and by 1965 or 66, she had received an LPN degree, married and moved to California with her children and we only saw one another occasionally over many years, but were in contact by phone and letter. For the last 20 years or so, she has come to Portland more frequently as she has a son and his family living here. When she came for visits, the two of us would always meet for lunch someplace, but
while Tammy was still in the home, I guess Linda was never at the house.

Then in the last twenty years Linda usually spends a week-end with me when she visits, but. of course, Tammy works and has her own place---so, anyway, each had always known of the other, but last night was the first time they had met face to face. (They were both at Mother's funeral, but didn't meet)

Linda went on to get very specialized training in brain wave testing, and enjoyed a wonderful career in that field. She is enjoying her first year of retirement and is loving every minute of it.
Only ten years younger than me, we were
reminiscing this past week-end over our years together. She said as a teenager, the ten years seemed a huge difference, but now we are older, it makes us contemporaries.

Tammy came to me at age nine and she was a handful!! But we hung in there, and today she is my helper girlie! She has the gift of helps and is a willing hand whenever I need some thing done. It works for both of us, for she knows my fussiness, so she is my perfect "hired" help, and she, in turn, is able to earn a little extra money each month.

Tammy is gifted with children, works with the high school youth at her church, and for her "real" work .....where else? a day care center! She does quite a bit of baby sitting on the side and seems always in demand from someone needing her help. (She trained at North West Nanny
Institute out of high school)

So there you have it--the first and the last. I have had a fulfilling life and these two "girls" have been a huge part of that busy, busy life with all of its ups and downs.


Anonymous said...

Dear Joan, your mention of your girls in the last post about Jonathan had me wanting to hear more about them and now my curiosity is least a little. I'm sure we'll learn more all in good time. This is SO neat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rica said...

What a wonderful story. It must be very rewarding to have helped and guided these two lovely girls to adulthood. They are a crdit to you.
Hugs Heather xxx

sister sheri said...

Oh, I thought you were wonderful before... but... now! 27 Foster Children? Well done! Well done!

papel1 said...

I enjoyed reading about your two girls finally meeting up.

Ruthie said...

What a neat picture. That must have been so great for you to have them together.

Robin Lambright said...

One of my dearest friends was a foster parent for many years. She kept infants for waiting adoptive parents. Different states have different waiting periods before an adoption can proceed and she would have these tiny little blessings in her home. I was always blown away by the commitment it took and the reality of how much she loved the babies she cared for and then the true sacrifical love of letting them go. I am not sure I could have done the same. Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed day!

The Lynn Triplets said...

Thanks for letting us "meet your girls." My husband and I are also Foster Parents. I really enjoyed your story. I hope years down the line I will still be in contact with some of "my girls." I have one girl that is so near and dear to my heart. Her name is Erin. We were blessed to bring her home from the hospital on Christmas Eve. She was only three days old. She is now back with her birth mother and doing well. We are going to visit with her next week. If things don't work out with her birth mother we hope to adopt her.
Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

nancy huggins said...

Such a wonderful story..I wish my blog was 1/2 as interesting as yours. You are an awesome lady and I bet you are related to Wonder Woman in some way..because you truly are a Wonder (full) Woman
Thanks for sharing that story :)

Amy said...

How wonderful for them to meet. It must be fun to hear the stories they have!!