Sunday, February 24, 2008

a hodge podge of thoughts

The house is eerily quiet tonight. Nick has gone home
and there is no one to play games with....but that's okay, I'm looking forward to my week. I still have some work to do on Tuesday's Bible Study, but I've just made the executive decision to leave it until tomorrow. I am just plain tired!

If you remember, I went shopping one day several weeks ago.....and Saturday, my new recliner was delivered. Its a little fancy in print for the family room, but I will some day be in a smaller place and it will be in my living room where it will fit in nicely.
As you will remember, Apple replaced my last computer with a brand new one I wrote about it in "the squeaky wheel gets the grease!" Well, its here. It came by overnight mail and I was only off line for 3 days!! This new computer has lots of "bells and whistles" which I haven't began to explore. I have a new printer with a scanner and a copier with it. I'm already having fun with that, in fact I copied Nick's pictures from an existing album. I am so excited with all of the possibilites!
I absolutely love learning new things!! (If I am interested in them)

One of the features on this computer is something called Photo Booth which is part of the icam on the thing. I didn't know I even had it until I was doing all the preliminary signing onto the machine and suddenly, I was looking back at myself on the screen!! That was a shock! Since then I have learned a few things about it..... and today Nick and I had fun.This is my self portrait done by the web cam. It gives me quite a rosy glow, and you certainly can't miss the nose!
Nick joins me in bidding you adieu! 
Enjoy your coming week!!!


Senorita Kassey said...

Gosh, when I saw one of the pictures of you, I immediately thought you had scanned a photo of Grandma. Your new computer looks amazing! Congrats! P.S. I updated my blog, sorry to keep you waiting. I don't have internet in my apartment so its hard to blog.

Margie said...

Hello, I saw that you found my blog. It is nice to meet you. We have quite a few things in common. You asked me if I grew up in a good adoptive home. I sure did. I am still in very good contact with my adoptive family. They are my family. Feel free to e-mail me any time. I am also a diabetic type 2 and I am trying to lose weight. I have lost about 8 pounds so far. I am doing it through Weight Watchers. My name is Margie.

The Dairy Wife said...

You are beautiful! Inside and out! You shine with your love for God.