Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More cruise pictures......

With over 400 pictures to choose from, I hardly knew what to pick. These are samples of parts of our life that week.

Since I seem to have little or no control over where these pictures end up, we find a picture of our Thanksgiving dinner in the middle of our sea pictures! It was lovely, but not quite like ours--we missed the dressing.
Playing in the ocean provided lots of fun. We start with a slight tussle going on between brother Ben and sister Gracie.
Tanner gets rolled around a little in the wave.
The ocean was rough at times near the shore.
Elliot and a statue in one of our ports. I think this guy appealed to him!
The streets of Puerto Vallarta are all cobblestone. The homes all looked like this, but one had a door open and we could see through to a lovely courtyard in the middle of their building. This was a quaint town with winding roads overlooking the city and the sea. Beautiful!!

We stopped to visit a three million dollar house that was open that day and was for sale. The view from every window was spectacular!! Jon and Leah on the stair.
Jon with his two kids waiting while the ladies finished their tour of the house.
Here we have Ben and Gracie still having a tussle. I couldn't get this picture where it belongs! I tried clicking and dragging, but it woudn't let me.

Back at the swimming pool....Here they are--all seven of them! Please notice the girls' fancy hair braids, which they had done earlier that day. they are! Bailey is getting hers done while Molly admires Gracie's hair.
Molly and Gracie waiting for Bailey to finished. They were in a building with many little shops which was located on the wharf near our ship.
Ben holding some type of lizard--probably an iguana.

And, of course, what is a visit to Mexico without a visit to Senior Frog's??? Elliot was the only kid that wanted to go with his folks to eat there.
Elliot again--They were visiting an open meat market in Mazatlan and the butcher handed Elliot this sticky knife for a picture. I guess this meat market was quite an eye-opener to our kids who are used to neatly packaged meats in a refrigerated case!!
Somebody's catch of the day hanging in the town square.
Thanksgiving afternoon watching the bathers.
A view of the pool area from an upper deck balcony.

We finish with a mid-afternoon game of shuffle board.
We had a great time and have lots of pictures to keep our happy memories alive. I had so many pictures that I chose not to scrapbook them, but rather put them in albums for easy viewing.

These two ocean pictures were added so you could see how beautiful the ocean was at Cabo..which was our first port of call. My sister was disappointed I didn't add these as the water was so very blue!

Thanks for letting me share some of our fun with all of you.

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