Thursday, February 7, 2008

"The Squeaky Wheel gets the Grease!"

My computer is only three years old and its been a lemon. I decided to get a new one, but thought that I would talk to Apple and tell them I think I should get some money off my new computer. Well......they had my history of repairs over the last three years and they said to me..............."We think you have had too much trouble, so we are going to replace your computer to the latest!" Of course, I expressed my thankfulness over this offer. (after I had my dropped jaw back into place.)

I'm just thrilled over this turn of events!! I will have to ship in my present computer and they will send the new one to the house. So...........I will be without a computer for a while. When the new one comes, watch out--I'll know how to get pictures on by the dozen. (I hope!!)

I did manage to get two pictures on which I put on previous posts. Until we meet again..........have fun!


Anonymous said...

Hi joan - I enjoyed reading ur blog. Now how does that keep coming? I would like to keep reading. I read thru the whole thing and i loved it!! Laurie

Anonymous said...

That's so awesome, a free computer... Lucky. Maybe in the space when you don't have email I'll flood your mailbox, haha, just kidding :p I just checked mine, by the way. Love you!


Laura said...

Hi again Joan!
I make my scraps at a 12x12 page, (which can be printed at Costco on their 12x18 page) but I think I will stick with printing at a 8x8 size. I have only printed out one I made for my Mom as well as the alphabet book for the boys.

8x8 will be less expensive, but if you go the 12x12 route via 12x18 paper, you can always make a couple 6x6 albums with the left over space on the papers for gifts.

Lots of the digi-designers use the MAC's, so you may even be a step ahead of me :) I think it is fantastic they offered you a new one! Very exciting!

Senorita Kassey said...

Congrats!!! I'm so jealous of your new computer. I'm hoping to be able to buy an apple imac before I start graduate school for social work (I guess it runs in the family)in the fall. After a lame experience with Dell, I'm on to Apple. Enjoy your new computer!!!!

sister sheri said...

Hi Joan - thanks for your comment! I am reading through your wonderful blog... I started at your first post and I'm working my way to be current, but I wanted to let you know... I'll be in touch. I'd love to give you more information about the mentoring... and a cup of coffee... well, that's hard to turn down! I'm going to head off to bed so I can catch the 9am Easter Service. Blessings to you on this wonderful day of hope!