Wednesday, February 6, 2008

i went to the library today and....

after picking up my two books on hold, I went to the L Z boy store and bought a new recliner. It is
really lovely and fortunately I liked the print on it, which is muted--has some burgundy in it and it will be fine to replace my other one that has just plain lost its comfort! It looks fine on the outside, but sitting in it is no longer comfortable for me. I had gone to the LZ Boy website and looked at all of the wing chair styles (not very many) so I walked in well-prepared having made my choice at home!! (Oh my, what a day and age we live in!! just pick it out on line and go buy it!)

I've also been researching a new computer. Mine is only 3 years old, but is obsolete. Rather than updating a lot of things, I decided to go for a new one. I'm getting a 20" imac with leopard and they will take everything off my present computer that I wish to save for $49. What a deal. They will even bring it out and hook it all up for $99--even a better deal. (for me)

So.............come March 1, I will have a day of reckoning when Mr. Visa comes knocking with my bill!! Fortunately I had sold a little stock in December and decided to keep it for "mad money". So now its about spent and it will be back to reality soon enough.

When I get the ability to download pictures, I hope to get some good pictures on here of the dear ones that I have written about, as well as my new chair.....and maybe even my new computer, we'll just have to wait and see!!

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