Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Elusve Purse

Today. I. Lost. My. Purse.

My first errand of the day was to run into Michaels and get a punch I have been wanting with my 40% off coupon. I added a few more things, went through check-out, parked my basket, and went to my car where I tossed my sack of purchases onto the passenger seat.

As I pulled up to my second errand of the day, I reached over to grab my purse......and it wasn't there. I searched the car....and nothing.

It was at this point I began imagining that people were already at my home, knowing it was empty, robbing me, etc. I thought about having to replace everything in my wallet--driver's license, my cards, etc. and I panicked!!

I began to pray--I begged the Lord for it to be back at Michaels some place. I prayed earnestly all the way back.

I first checked the carts--not there. I went to one of the checkers and she didn't know anything about a purse being turned in.

She sent me to another checker. I was still praying, but was getting more rattled as the moments passed.

The second checker said yes a purse was found in an empty basket and she asked me to describe it for her. I immediately said, "It is multicolored with polka dots."

She looked at me strangely, but held up my purse.

I thanked her profusely, thanked the Lord over and over and went on my way rejoicing!

I learned that my brain doesn't work too well under pressure...(well, actually it doesn't work too well anytime!!) and how I ever left my purse in that cart, I will never figure out. (I had taken my car keys out of the purse, obviously, since I was able to drive the car to errand two)

The lesson here is for me pay attention more closely to my actions. I still cannot believe that I left my purse in that basket! I am so grateful that the Lord looked after this old lady in my real hour of need!! I'm just praising him with a smile on my face all afternoon! Wonderful ending to
my carelessness! Thank you, Lord!!


sister sheri said...

Thank you, Jesus! Stripes... polka dots... what's the difference? You got your purse back... Thank the Lord!

Anonymous said...

POLKA DOTS ON THE PURSE!!! I love stories like this because it reminds me "I am not the ONLY one" who does things like this!

Purses, Keys and Sunglasses. I spend half my life looking for one or all of these.

Glad you had a HAPPY ENDING!!!


Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

We all have moments like this...

glad you found your purse


Technonana said...

I soo understand your anxiety over misplacing your purse.. after all our 'lives' are in our purses!!