Wednesday, May 20, 2009

X Rays and other things

You know I am really scraping the bottom of the barrel with today's subject. I often think if I was still teaching and in the middle of raising my kids, I would have so much to write about..but those days are past..and so here I a fairly quiet life without too much happening. (and loving it, I should add.)

For the past two months I have had a dry, involuntary cough, which has been sooooo annoying! After seeing the doctor on Monday, he sent me for a chest x-ray, and put me on a five day antibiotic. I thought I had had a miracle cure, until this morning when I woke up coughing again with a vengeance!

I received a call from the doctor's nurse this morning telling me that the chest X-ray revealed several nodules on my left lung and I need to have a CT scan, so I will have it tomorrow.

You need to know that I am a worrier plus!! In my mind this morning, I have had myself undergoing a lung biopsy, making decisions if I will allow surgery or not, wondering how I will tolerate Chemo, if "this" is what will take me. All borrowing tomorrow's troubles, of course.

My mother used to say, "Sufficient unto the day, is the trouble thereof."

So....I've explored all the options, have laid it to rest, and am waiting for the antibiotic to kick in and cure me of any spots in my lungs! (that is my hope)

These little blips in the road are wonderful faith builders for reminding ourselves of Whose we are and in Him our days are ordered.

So now, with all of this off my chest, I'm off to continue organizing my office/card room. I LOVE to organize!!

Thanks for listening!


Technonana said...

Let not your heart be troubled... The Father is holding you in the palm of His loving hand!!
Praying for you, My Sweet Friend!!
In Him,

Anonymous said...

As you've done numerous times for I hold you in my thoughts and prayers...knowing full well that I am not the only one..your wide circle of friends and family are also holding you with care & love....relax in your crafting, and think about Pizza at Caro Amico....(you know I couldn't remain too serious too long...) Ciao...Els

Ruth said...

Thinking of you from next door. Had some not so good news about my back this week - we are a pair :-)
Praying it all turns out fine and the antibiotics do do the trick.

Sassy Granny ... said...

So far, my personal aging maladies seem to center around osteo-arthritis, which then translates to sore hands, and a sore lower back. I remind the Lord often that I'm eager for the new, glorified body He's promised. Today would be great!!

I heard someone say one time how they learned to stop worrying. It came to them during a night of sleepless fretting, and the intrusive thought went something like this: "I'll tell you what: you go to bed and get some sleep and let Me (the Lord) do the pacing."

It makes me laugh, but whenever I'm fretful I think of it.

I hope both the cough and the spots are little more than curable nuisances. I pray it's so.


sister sheri said...

I will be praying for you... and looking forward to one day visiting this overly organized card room!

Sally said...

I am praying for you. Remember God is bigger than all our problems.

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

You are in my prayers. Please keep me updated with how things are going...hugs...m.

The Farm House Kids said...

After it's said, done and over with .... I'm so glad you got your foot out of the grave and everything turned out okay!