Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Getting ready for summer

For Mother's Day, daughter Tammy gave me a certificate worth five hours of her help! What a gift for me! She did all of the planting for me, which is such a blessing.

A couple of weeks ago and I got my hanging pots at the nursery. They are unusually pretty this year, I think. The first one is from my son and his family for Mother's Day and I loved the pink of the Impatiences and was able to match the colors in the remaining baskets.

The sitting pots are all planted and dispersed around the yard and patio. This one is a sample. I will have to retake this picture in one month and we'll all enjoy how nature will have grown it!
This hanging wall planter is one of my favorites. Here it is close-up!
I have been in the process of organizing, tossing, etc. in my craft room.
It is slowly, but surely, getting done. I do run across things I forgot I had, so I have had to stop and make things along the way.

Below is a box I made, filled with cards, for a friend's birthday.

I had some ladies in for a birthday luncheon for my friend on Sunday, so had the box by her place at the table.
Having this luncheon was a huge boost for me psychologically, as I don't entertain much anymore because of my unpredictable back. I was thrilled to have it go off with very little discomfort and feel ready to try it again.

Always when I use my Mom's china, I feel close to her. I used one of Mom's recipes she often used for the many luncheons she used to have. My friends all knew my Mom well and it seemed right to use her things for this special group of friends!


Kim said...

Both the flower baskets and the card box are beautiful!

I'm glad to hear your back is doing well and you're enjoying this lovely spring weather we've been having.

I have been incredibly busy lately, but maybe we can get together in a couple weeks?

Have a great week!

Sally said...

Your flowers are beautiful. I just love flowers in pots around the house. Make it feel so welcoming. Glad you felt good having your luncheon. It does a body good once in awhile to get together with friends. You box of cards is beautiful.

Sassy Granny ... said...

What beautiful flower baskets! They made me think of my Puyallup deck from many moons ago. I love hanging geraniums & fuschias, petunia's and impatiens.

I'm also glad to hear you had such a spirit-lifting time. Like you, I feel closest to my mother when I pull out items that were hers ... most of which involve the kitchen.


Ruth said...

I always enjoy your flowers so much. Glad your luncheon went so well. You mentioned emailing you but can't see a link on your blog. email me at
trclark294@yahoo.com and I will send you my phone #'s etc.
We do need to talk sometime soon - since finding your blog I have found other connections - your family with mine.

sister sheri said...

Love the wall basket...

So glad your luncheon went well... you're still on my mind, too. Seems we all have been using china lately... I had the gals over from my Bible Study and love to treat them to special things!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I am so glad you are felling better. The card box is so beautiful...love to you...m..

Anonymous said...

Love the hanging flowers (and the answered prayers mentioned below)!

I hope when I am gone (hopefully WAY in the future!) some of the things that have been in our home will make my children feel close to me once again. What a comfort that is to have your mom's china and treasure it so.

I am glad the lunch was a success :)!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Oh my! Just beautiful!

Hanging baskest are doomed at my house as I don't have the commitment to keep them watered.

I know they wil brihg you a lot of pleaseue as you come and go from your house as well as just looking at them from your windows.

Love them!


PS: The sweet card you sent the DD is just beautiful. I made sure I explained to the DD that it was a handmade card. Thank you for all your prayers and words of encouragement on the Care page and for thinking of her during this time of recovery!


Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

What a Sweet Blog.....I have enjoyed reading some of your posts. I'm in the NW too!!! Small world...God Bless!!!

Joanne@ Blessed... said...

Your flowers are just beautiful. I am so happy that your CT scan came out well too. Now, as far as the china, what a blessing to use your mom's china. I use my china almost everyday. After my mom passed away (she didn't have any china) I decided that I would use it to bless my children.

A lesson for me to remind us all that we don't know how much time we have left here. No better time than the present to use the china plates!

MyHeartBelongsToJesus said...

I just wanted to say you have such beautiful flowers. You seem to have been blessed on mothers day. Hope you have a great summer. God bless. Hugs, Terri

Ruthie said...

Your Spring flowers are lovely.
I'm also glad your CT scan was fine. Praise the Lord.
I know what you mean about organizing. We've been going through boxes in our storage area that have been there since we moved 3 years ago. What a job. But we are finding some wonderful "treasures" ... and also some things that we don't need anymore.

Blessings. Ruthie

Wendi said...

Hi Joan I was just thinking about you today too we must be physic I love your flower baskets they are so pretty and the box of cards is just gorgeous I shall have to pinch that idea
I understand about life getting in the way of emails
Lovely to see your name on my blog too
Take care dear friend
Wendi x