Friday, May 15, 2009

Errands and Observations

Yesterday, as I set off to complete my list of things to do, I made my first stop at Radio Shack. I went in for a battery for my phone, my car key 'thingie', and my garage door opener, and a cheap new phone for my bedside. This turned into a twenty minute stop as my clerk wanted to sell me the store!! I nicely turned down the more expensive phone with all the bells and whistle I didn't need, turned down the insurance policies, rejected his suggestion that I get a new phone to replace the phone for which I was getting a replacement battery. We even had a discussion over my cell phone and what he could do for me with one of theirs. I finally thanked him and escaped to get to my second stop.

My favorite scrapping store was next on my list. The owner is always so helpful and always answers my questions and knows exactly where to direct me for some of my favorite papers. As I visited with her and took her ready help, I couldn't help but remember that this dear woman eighteen months ago, held her eleven year old son in her arms as he died, as they were rushing him to the hospital with flu symptoms. I marvel at her grace and sereneness after all of this...and I admire her courage to carry on and her faith in the Lord which surely must be the reason she is able to even breathe!

She shared with me that she has a little grandson whom she adores. I rejoice with her for this child in her life. She showed me an adorable little scrapbook she had made for him. I liked it so much that I bought all of the trappings to make one!

After quick stops at the post office, the library, and Craft Warehouse, I was finally able to reach my final destination of the day---lunch out with my current book!!

And that is when I observed something which I hope isn't a new trend. At a booth across the room from me was a darling young couple. I glanced their way a couple of times when I saw what was occupying them. He had a laptop propped open on the table in front of him and she was totally wrapped up in a conversation on her cell phone! throughout their whole lunch!

Such is the electronic age! I guess I am way more comfortable with my nose in a book....but I don't think I've done that yet....if I have a companion with me!!

..and so my day went--interesting and productive!

Off the subject.....the Roadies are blooming and the sun is shining!


Sassy Granny ... said...

Oh how I love those Rhodies! My Puyallup yard was filled with them, and Azaleas too. But that was long ago; another era ... So I really appreciate your picture.

Life is odd at times, isn't it? I fret a bit about the computer that occupies so much of my grandson's lives. I also don't much care for the violent war games they play there. Cranky old grandma? Maybe. But I'm not at all sure our technological advancements are exactly that.

I'm off to grill up some hot dogs for the neighborhood picnic/movie night our Home Team is sponsoring tonight. We've invited about 70 families to come watch "Fireproof" outdoors in the park while they feast on picnic fare & popcorn.

Now that's my idea of advancement!

Enjoy your scrapbooking. Prayers, blessings and hugs,


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

My heart so goes out to the lady who lost her child. Such a dear breave oerson, I am so glad she has you in her life. I know the Lord will use your visits to the store to lift her up.

What papers did you buy?? I am a paper nut. I have always loved paper and markers, stickers and all of that fun stuff. have a Blessed weekend...smiles...m.

a portland granny said...

Mary Isabella, I'm not really in that lady's life, other than interacting with her at the store once in a while. Her demeanor has spoken to me whenever she waits on me.

I got some Basic Gray papers, and some K and C company papers, plus some books of coordinating papers. I always go a little overboard when I am in that store!


Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

What a busy day, but it feels so good to get all the things on your list checked off! Wheu! It makes me tired just reading about it!!!!!

Beautiful flowers, love em!!!!


also thanks for stopping by the Carepage for the DD, I know that the prayers of so many are mighty!!

Ruth said...

So happy to connect here! :-) What a small world we live in - despite the downfalls of the electronic age there are amazing connections as well. But there is nothing like a face to face chat over the "backyard" fence :-) I also have a recipe blog that I update from time to time

sister sheri said...

Lovely photo! You must be feeling well today... how busy you are. We will get together!

Pam said...

Your Rhodies are just gorgeous!
Hope you have a wonderful week-

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

You have a great blog...I enjoyed my visit. Stop by and visit me when you have some time and read about our latest Disney adventures....Grandparent trips are the BEST...and every comment enters you for the May giveaway.

skoots1mom said...

please pray for my great niece, Katie, she just came out of heart surgery and the next 48 hours are critical, thanks!