Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Glorious Sunday

Today 'Mr. Golden Sun' is shining! It is a marvelous day. Seventy degrees and blessing us all! We have so many dark gray days in Oregon, that it feels like rebirth when the sun comes out!!

I feel like a different person when the sun shines. I've been just rejoicing since I woke up with renewed energy, and a happy heart.

This is indeed ' the day that the Lord has made'....and I am rejoicing in it! I hope it is followed by many more identical days!!

Just thought I would share our good news with all of you!!


Sassy Granny ... said...

How well I remember the joy of spring in the Northwest! And there's probably no place more graced with beauty, either, when that sun shines. Mountains, rivers, lakes, forests and profuse rhody & azalea blossoms are proof enough for me that our God reigns!

Be blessed,

P.S. I'm enjoying our sun here today, too. Just took a 45 minute bike ride and came home with a lump in my throat. Sometimes God is simply so-o-o-o visible in creation, and it leaves me speechless.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I feel the same way today. Yesterday and today were about 70, which is perfect! Went for walks both days and feel like I have a little spring in my step (very little!) haha
Sorry we won't see you at David's wedding but understand why. Love,Melinda

Technonana said...

Hello Sweet Friend!!
Waking up to spring is indeed refreshing to the soul!!
I pray you have many more like this!

Anonymous said...

I love the sun and feel so renewed when it shines once again.

Kim said...

I have never appreciated the sun as much as I have this spring! What an incredible few days we had. Currently, it's is absolutely pouring here though. I'm so glad I got our grass seed down in time!