Sunday, April 12, 2009

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

I have come to the place where I feel a need to simplify my life.....and because of that I have put my house on the market and made an offer on a condo. I will be 77 this summer and I would like to make this move before it becomes a necessity.
(my home)

My Mom lived in the same set of condos where I have made an offer, moving in at age 75 and staying there for 21 years. They are one of very few condos built on one floor, are beautifully maintained, and have a wonderful clubhouse for large functions, as well as a summer time pool.

That being said, if my house does not sell, I, of course will stay right here. I adore my home, but I really don't need 1600 square feet, yard maintenance and the other things that go with home ownership. In the condo all outside maintenance is provided. The one thing I will miss is my garage. I love driving in, closing the garage door behind me and going straight into the house with my bundles. I will have a covered carport at the condo.

And so, I have "laid out the fleece" and I will be directed by what happens with my house, I have never had a house on the market for over 4 weeks, so we shall see what happens in this market.

I am motivated to be in Portland as most of my friends are there, as well as my church and my sister. It would cut down on the amount of driving, plus where the condo is located, I would have fairly close freeway access to Salem where my kids live.

This is the place I have an offer on. It is only two bedrooms and one bathroom, with 965 square feet. It is the one on the left.

The following two pictures show the front yard and circle at the end of the culdesac upon which the units are located.

The condo will need a lot of TLC, some simple rewiring, and paint and paper....but that is right up my alley--I love fixing up! Fortunately it has an updated kitchen, and bathroom. My second bedroom will be my craft room, so for the first time in 20 years I will not have a guest room. I plan to invest in a good quality 'hide a bed' for the living room which will fit in with my decor....and I will be without a family room, so the TV will be in the living room, but in a cabinet with closing doors!! I've never had a TV in my living room in all the years I've owned homes!

I will still have room for you to come visit--if you are older than I, then I will give you my room, but if you're younger, you will get the living room! Also, I will still have room for dinner parties.

If this all falls into place I plan to take a lot of before and after pictures. I'm already checking out prices, looking for things that I will need. The Internet surely cuts down on looking in stores. I'm going to have a ball getting things fixed up.

This will be a HUGE lifestyle change for me...and I realize that this will be a new chapter in my life. I hope that if it comes to pass, I will graciously adjust, make friends easily, and get involved in the activities.

Will keep you posted!!


Kassaundra said...

Well Aunt Joan, this is a big change indeed, but am happy for you. I remember grandma's condo and all the games of dominoes we played, and how it always smelled so good.

Will be thinking of you in this market!


Ruthie said...

This sounds like a great move for you. We downsized when we moved a couple of years ago - and our living room is also our family room. It works well. I'll be praying that all works out well and God will have His hand in the transition. Love to you.

Anonymous said...

The memories of a house are what always gets me about leaving. The holidays, birthdays, and family gathered there. Rain beginning to fall and the yard in spring blooming.

But each time I have moved (and there have been many) there is always a new adventure waiting and I wonder what life would have been without the new place. Our adoption happened through God using a series of moves (church and home).

I pray that you will have your answer in a dew covered fleece.

sister sheri said...

What an exciting adventure! Will be praying... haven't forgotten our lunch... perhaps May will work...

Pam said...

Oh Joan, it all sounds great-i'll be hoping and praying that all goes exactly as it should for you.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Hey there! I have been gone for a bit out of town, but i am back now and settling back into the swing of things. Catching up on al the blogs i have missed, it will take me forever to get caught up!

Good luck on the move, I know about laying out the fleece. God will provide just the right confirmation for you to make the right decisons, he always does.


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

It sounds as though you have given this a lot of thought my dear friend. I will pray that this is the right move and you will be so happy with it..Hugs...m.

Technonana said...

Since The Father knows what you have need of, I will pray that His will for you is done!(Jer. 29:11)
I really understand the need to downsize.
Papa and I are planning now what to do when our time comes!!