Saturday, June 14, 2008

Celebrating Elliot's finish of grammer school

Thursday, my sweet Elliot was an eighth graders. Today he is part of the class of 2012! How can that be? Just "yesterday" he was my sweet little visitor who came often, got into mischief, gave Gram a hard time, and was always generous with his hugs and kisses.

Today, he is a high-schooler. He is standing on the edge of manhood--giggling, mischievous little boy one minute, serious, no nonsense young man the next. There will be no going back--his future is before him. I must and will pray in earnest that God will guide and help him to walk in His will and for His glory.

Thursday night's festivities were interesting to observe. There were close to one hundred and eighty eighth graders, all dressed up in their fancy best. They came in all shapes and sizes, some boys, who looked like men, and some who were still just little boys, and everything in-between. Some were the "cool" kids, some were the misfits, but most were everyday boys on the verge of manhood, just trying to fit in.

The girls were really dressed up!! There were dresses of all shapes and sizes--some lovely, some not so lovely, and some that made me think, "where is her mother?" It was quite a parade of dressed up young ladies! Almost all of them had on heels, which they had difficulty in managing. It was a gala occasion! I am so thankful I was able to attend.

Afterward we gathered at Elliot's home and shared some good memories, some delicious apple crisp and ice-cream and some warm family time.

This is Elliot's eighth grade school picture.
You can tell he likes "hoodies" and long hair at this stage of his life.

If you would like to see the card I made him, click here.


Anonymous said...

What a handsome boy/man. You must be enjoying many Elliot baby, childhood & growing-up memories today, after marking the Graduation "Passage" and then making your blog entry.

Looking at his picture reminds me that the only sure thing we have in this Life is Change!

What is that old saying--"Big Oaks from Little Acorns Grow". I too remember Elliot's baby days, and though it is trite to say it--it seems like Yesterday!

But here he is now, all grown up, ready to take on the world (almost)and become our Future. Way to Go, Elliot.

And well-deserved Kudos to the parents and grandparents as well.


papel1 said...

What a wonderful age. My nephew just graduated from 8th grade and he is a lot of fun. Although I must admit when I substituted 8th graders I didn't think as a group they were so much fun. I went to your other site and saw the card you made him. Thanks again for stopping by my blog. See you soon.

Margie said...

They grow up so very fast! You are enjoying every memory that you can that is wonderful!! I love the card you made!!! :-)