Monday, January 28, 2008

a trip to the snow

On Sunday we went to Sandy, Oregon, about 12 miles from my home. It was a family gathering to celebrate 3 birthdays at the GCrew's home. (That's nephew Matt, Gaye, his wife, and the four young G's)

Upon arriving home from church, I found a message on my machine announcing that they had 6 inches of snow!!!! but party was still on. I vacillated a little about going, but daughter Tammy arrived with her salad, and I decided she would give me the extra bravery we needed.

We were to call when we got to the bottom of their hill and Matt would come down in the 4-wheel drive pick-up. I discovered my phone was out of battery, Tammy had her cell phone but had only put about 3-4 numbers and did not have the G's numbers. Since Matt is a policeman, his phone is that ruled out "information please"!

Tammy, good sport that she is, headed up the hill to let them know we needed a ride. (I was too afraid to try walking up as I am afraid of falling) So here comes Matthew with his 12 year old son, Zach, one of the birthday kids.

I got out of my car, and gingerly took two steps to the pickup-door....then I absolutely couldn't get up that high. There was a high step bar that was slippery and I could envision my foot slipping as I hoisted my poor old stiff body up into that seat.

Bravery took over and I did it, but landed on my side in the front seat, laughing and giggling like a teen-ager. 12 year old Zach was in the back seat trying not to laugh, but when he saw I was laughing, he really howled! (I think I made his day with the "gracefu"l landing in his dad's front seat!)

Before I made the step, I was outside the cab sizing up the high step, Matt came around the truck to see if he could help in anyway. Now you need to know that in August, Matt had a compound fracture of his leg, had three surgeries and has only been off crutches for about 3 weeks. All I could envision was knocking Matt to the ground, landing on him, and breaking his other leg...,so I wouldn't let him help me up.

We made it to the top of the hill without incident. I wasn't surprised to see that my kids weren't there yet, as they come from Salem, 50 miles south. One of the kids came downstairs and said there was a van stuck at the bottom of the hill. It was son Jon's family. Next thing we saw they were all climbing up the hill and had arrived in one piece.

We had a lovely relaxing day. The kids were outside on sleds, going down that very hill none of the cars could conquer. They had a great time and we enjoyed our time together visiting, opening presents, eating and then all of us leaving a little early to avoid the promised snowfall that was predicted for lower elevations last night. (it came!)

So, once again all is well that ends well. I felt pretty good that I ventured the drive up there. As I get older I'm not nearly as daring as I was in my younger days, but all day today it has given me a new sense of well-bing that I operated out of my usual cautious "box". I feel good about it.

Its time to finish up my Precepts in I Peter for tomorrow's Bible Study. We're all hoping that the warmer weather that followed the snow is going to continue.

Have a good one!!

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just checking leaving a comment--one of my friends said that there were too many hoops to jump through.