Friday, January 18, 2008

I know more today than I did yesterday about the blogging stuff!

Well, in a few minutes I'm off to meet my daughter-in-law and pick up my Molly girl. She is going to spend the three day week-end and we are going to have fun! She wants to scrapbook, so we'll do that. I have over 300 pictures from our Thanksgiving cruise to the Mexican Riveria and I'll let her choose what she wants. We will have fun together as she loves to do crafty things and since I have a room full of whatever she needs in the way of stamping sets, stickers, ink pads, papers, envelopes, etc. etc. she always has a blast!!

Its hard to believe that we will be celebrating her 13th birthday next Sunday!!

Time to change my clothes and get gas and get on the road. They live sixty five miles south so we have a Burger King that is half way where we meet. I'm looking forward to a great week-end with the sweet girl!

When I get this all figured out (google, that is) I may even post some pictures!!

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Senorita Kassey said...

Hey Aunt Joan!
It's great to see you blogging, and I'm jealous of Molly and her access to your craft room! I scrapbooked yesterday for four hours- I am years behind, and am just finishing up my China album. I hope all is well in Portland, and look forward to reading more about the family up north!