Friday, April 4, 2008

People are treating me like I’m elderly!

In the last few days, I’ve had several people go out of their way to help me or try to help me.....I know it must somehow appear I need help....but I don’t really. Last night I was in Office Depot and bought two packages of printer paper. The cute little gal who waited on me, asked me if I was sure I could take them to the car. I assured I could and stilll she said, “Can’t I get someone to help you with those?” I graciously declined her offer and made it to my car without incident.

Today I had a test on my leg arteries. I had to sign in at the office for that sort of thing at the hospital. The lady who registered me asked me if I would need a wheelchair as the “vascular lab is a long ways”. I smiled at her and told her I was fine. I assured her I was a pretty “tough old bird!”
I had my map in hand when I got on the elevator. Immediately a volunteer (who really could barely walk himself) kindly asked me if I needed help to find my way to the lab. I thanked him nicely and told him I thought I would be fine. He didn't believe me. He walked me almost half way there to be sure I didn’t get lost!

Arriving at the Lab, I was greeted by a nice nurse who asked me first thing if I would like to have her order a wheel chair for when the test was over in an hour??

I'm thinking, "What is going on here?"

As I was changing for the test, I had a few minutes to take stock of me!! I’m still 5’7”, I walk with a pretty good stride, my outfit is in style, my hair is fixed properly, I have on a little make up, I still know my name.......My hair is white--that’s the reason!! -- but not really -- My hair has been white for ten years!!

I’ve had time to reflect, today, on this gradual phenomenon that is taking place in my life. My body, my stance is certainly changing as the aging process begins eroding. Will I know when I need help? Will I be gracious about accepting help? I trust that I will.

The hardest part of this aging process is still feeling like I’m eighteen in my mind!! Somehow I have to bring the mind and the body into subjection to one another!!

Today I’m more determined to stand a little straighter, to walk a bit each day, and to ride my recumbent bike more regularly. I think there are a lot of miles left in this old girl....but in any case, I know the One with Whom I have walked for sixty five years will be my Guide, my Comforter, my Friend, my Counselor, and my constant Companion!!

When I was eighteen years old, I received a letter of welcome from the Student Body President for the year, 1950-51 at Westmont College. He closed his letter of welcome with the following words which have stayed with me always.

“Remember, we walk hand in hand with the One Who
created the world with a word!” David Needham


sister sheri said...

Hi Joan... make sure you delete the above comment... looks like comment spam.

Also, glad to know I have a soul sister... I still feel 18, too!

The Dairy Wife said...


I'm so glad to hear that you feel 18 in your mind.

I hate the comments that people say to me when they know that I have triplets at 50. I feel just like I did when I had my older kids 27 years ago. I hope I feel this good for many many more years. I have too. I have to raise these kids. Ha~


Anonymous said...

How funny! I still feel 18 too, though I'm only 11 years removed from it! I love the picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim said...

I am reading through some of your blog posts and enjoying them very much! I tried to email you using the email link in your profile, but it bounced back. If you will email me (there is a link on my blog), I will resend the email.

Good to "meet" you!