Friday, March 21, 2008

"PAPA" Project

Shortly after the first of March, with my "leprechaun" brother-in-law's birthday just around the corner (March 17), I asked my sister for some particular pictures.....................well.............she hasn't sorted her pictures since her first grandchild was born fourteen years ago!!

They were leaving for eight days in Mexico, so I told her I would go through the pictures to find what I had in mind. She brought me three grocery sacks full! I went through them ALL and found the ones with Bill and his grandies. Then I proceeded to make one of these marvelous little magic folding books that Molly and I learned how to make at a class several weeks ago.

Its really the slickest little book! It takes five scrapbook pages in coordinating colors and four card stock all the same matching color. The papers and card stock are all 12 x 12's. With the cutting that takes place, they end up 6 x 6. There is lots of folding, gluing and the result is a book that just goes on and on, over and under. It holds about forty pictures that have been trimmed. Its a great little "event" book.

Today was spent getting this little book done.
Below is a picture of it all put together.

You untie it, open the little fold doors and begin a lovely trip down memory lane.

Here are some left over pictures.
This is Bill who is "PaPa" to four of his grandchildren, and "PopPop" to another one.

relaxing at the Fourth of July picnic held yearly at the B. farm

The first grandchild--a GIRL in the family!

Bailey and her "PaPa" at "GG's" ninetieth birthday party.

Same little girlie

Tanner with "Pop Pop"
cousins Tanner and Ben, 6 weeks apart

helping "PopPop" trim the trees
This isn't all of the grandchildren...
These are the left overs from the mini album.

Now you know how my day went.
Busy, Fun, Creative
and best of all
getting to listen to praise music all day.
What a treat!!

"This is the day that the Lord has made...I am rejoicing in it"


Anonymous said...

Those are so cute!! I can't wait to see the rest!! (You didn't need to tell everyone the 'state' of my pictures!!!!!!!) CJG

joan said...

Oh, you know it makes a better story...actually I loved going through the pictures...I felt sad tho at how quickly the years have passed--Bailey and Elliot should still be 3 or 4---not 14!!!!!!!

After Easter I'll help you sort them. The kids would love it if you got them in albums.

If the worst thing anyone could say about you is that you have three bags of pictures, I'd say that's pretty commendable!! Be glad you have them! Also out of them I found severa cute ones of Mom to put on her write up.

Love you, dear sister of mine.

Margie said...

Looks like you had a great time!