Friday, March 28, 2008

Come.... make some cards with me!!

I love having people stop by and make cards. I am happy to share my supplies. Perhaps before we begin, I should give you a tour of my stamping, scrapping, office room where it all takes place!! Are you ready to see a "controlled messy place"?

Also you need to know this is the kind of blog I put on here when I don't have any blogs of substance ready to publish. (Working on some, though!)

To the left as you step into the room is a closet full of shelves which are loaded!! On the far left is the last shelf (wire) I sandwiched in to hold machines, small stuff in the drawers, ribbons, etc.
These shelves hold stamp sets, idea books, drawers for my 12 x 12 papers, boxes of sample cards, filed by set names and on and on and on.
The next one is the far end of the closet. These shelves were here when I bought this house and they have been wonderful for plastic storage units, which house my larger tools, equipment,
and games, because we use the craft table for some great times of games when the kids visit.
Here is the heart of creating--my work table which sits in the middle of the room. It always has the ink pad stand on it, as well as the pen set, and the daylite lamp. Please note my wonderful new paper cutter--never needs new blades, so I think it has paid for itself already!
Are you still with me? As you look to the right, there is my other work area--the computer and printer. You'll notice more stamp pads and two stamp sets which I haven't cut out yet!! My chair is on a 5 x 5 heavy plastic piece, which makes it easy to go from one work counter to another.
The other end of my office wall. My boom box is there for "easy" listening. I often listen to books on tape while I'm working. On my desk top are three card making containers, one for overflow of cards, one for envelopes, and one scrap box divided into colors.
And then two containers with my color coordinated paper (Stampin' Up) which match the stamp pads on my work table.
And last, under each end of the work table are my drawer sets which hold my punches, and all the little things I use often!
You need to know this all fits into a 10 x 11 room!

The tour is over, but you are welcome anytime you can drop by--I even fix lunch sometimes for my visitors!

My next blog will be some of my cards, and maybe a couple of pages from one or two of my albums. Don't hold your breath, as I have to either photo them or scan them in and that will take time, but eventually, I'm hoping to transfer all of my card samples onto iphoto instead of having boxes of them filling up space.

Thanks for stopping by. Do leave a comment--you can tell me how messy my room is, or ask me what is an old lady doing with a blog?, or any of the other things you think. I know people are stopping by as I have a counter, but few "talk" to me.

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do,
do it all for the glory of God.
1 Corinthians 10:31


sister sheri said...

Hi Joan
What a dream space! I had the same question about people leaving comments... so I actually did a blog with a giveaway to find out... search my blog with the words "give away the blessing" and you'll find some comments about not leaving comments... Some of my best-est buddies know I blog... yet refuse to get involved with the whole blogging thing... kind of disappoints... it's become such a part of who I am... I only keep up with about 20 or so blogs via bloglines... so by limiting, I'm able to leave more comments for a few bloggers as opposed to no comments for a lot of bloggers.

Gina@Chats With An "Old Lady" said...

I am crazy about making cards as well! I'd love to come over and make cards with you. And I thought I had a lot of stuff!!!! I can see myself having a room like later on in life. It is so fun to create. There is something else I have added to my stamping and card making supplies. I call it my "stash". I have several drawer with all kinds of stuff to have on hand to give as gifts. Stuff like Tazo Tea bags, sample coffees, different kinds of candy, little candles, note cards, etc. I always have things on hand that I can put in a small clear cellofane (sp?!) gift bag and close up with a pretty ribbon. That way if I need a hostess gift, or I hear of a birthday, or I just want to encourage someone with a small gift, I can make up a little gift, make a card for them, and it's beautiful. I love doing this! If you have a Michael's craft store, they have a wonderful dollar section and I've picked up candles and soaps and notecards and pretty packages of tissue. Target also has a great dollar section with fun little things. I think that my gift "STASH" will always be a part of my card making stash!!!

I'll be over for lunch!!!
See ya then!!

Margie said...

Hi Joan,

Yes i do know Red Head Mama she is my cousin's wife and they have a bunch of little boys!! hehehe
here is her blog site....

I have trouble thinking about what to write too. I do not write real often due to that fact. When I think of an idea I come and add it.

Thanks for keeping in touch!

Margie said...

WOW what a fantastic room. I love to scrapbook but have not done any in quite a while. I have to get my stuff all out do it and then clean it all back up again. I would love to have a room for it. One day when the kids are gone I will have a room for just that! Then I an do so much more! Glad you have that room to enjoy that fun hobby!

Anonymous said...

I love your organization! I'm inspired.

The Dairy Wife said...

Wow! You are amazing!


papel1 said...

I would love to make cards with you. I organized my sewing stuff, now I need to do my craft and paper items. Your photos are great.

Sally said...

I could only dream of a space like this one. So organized... Wow, mine always looks like a train derailed in it.

Ruthie said...

Wow - I wish my study was that organized. It looks great.
Hugs. Ruthie